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  • Because of the responsive nature of the admin bar, items disappear on Mobile. It may be that hiding this is intentional (too many icons up there are messy on a phone screen), but it would be cool if on iPad Mini a user could add a note.


    I tried to add it via CSS, but I’m doing something incorrectly:

    #wpadminbar li#wp-admin-bar-wpdn-add-note {
    	display: block;
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  • Plugin Author Jeroen Sormani



    Thank you so much for this feature request!

    I’ll definitely look into this to see what can be done here to improve this. It is interesting to notice that no options are shown there, not even as a dropdown or something.

    If you already have a note on the page you should also be able to create a new one from there too, if you’re looking for a way that works right now 😉


    Yes. Editing an existing note definitely works. Thanks for looking into additional solutions for creating on mobile.

    Is the project no longer on Github? I had seen you reference a link in another thread, but it’s not appearing on your Github profile.

    Plugin Author Jeroen Sormani


    It is not longer publicly on GitHub (made it a private repo) for lets just keep it at undisclosed reasons.
    Might make a public repo again if there’s demand for it, so far no-one else contributed so I didn’t see the urge 😉

    Did you wanted to, or was it just for the sake of that reference?


    I just figured if I sorted it out first, I’d send a pull request. Github isn’t a requirement for that though. If I sort out a tweak, I’ll post it here.


    Plugin Author Jeroen Sormani


    Gotcha! Sounds good to me 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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