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  • hellfyr


    Have found frequent need to be able to locate all the places in my sites that a particular plugin (or in some instances a component of a plugin) are in use. Mostly used for clearing out old elements, or elements that have been identified as having security problems.

    On a multi-hundred page site… finding all of those locations is pretty next to impossible.

    I’m a .NET developer, and know just enough PHP to get in trouble, so not something I want to tackle on my own. I think it would be a good base “tool” though for WordPress in general to have.

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  • Moderator bcworkz


    You can remotely manage plugins via the REST API. Since these are simple HTTP requests, any programming environment that can make HTTP requests can be used to develop a solution. You do need some sort of authentication for each site in order for plugin management to be feasible. I recommend Application Passwords for this.

    While managing plugins is feasible, a generic app that identifies specific plugin elements on any given page is infeasible since what to look for will vary greatly by the plugin. If you knew exactly what to look for, you could again use the API to collect applicable information.

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