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  1. valarcher
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Hi - please can you add a feature to wordpress where, in Edit Post, we can selectively impose an alignment on an individual caption regardless of it's corresponding image's position.

    When my caption is very long, I need a left-aligned caption with a right-aligned or center-aligned image.

    WordPress lets me set ALL captions to, e.g.
    .wp-caption {text-align:center}

    so the caption will be centered when the image is right-aligned.

    But I can't find any way to change this to left-align for only one caption regardless of the image's position.

    I've tried adding inline styling to the caption with mime_type plugin added (so wordpress won't strip it out), e.g.

    [caption style="text-align:left;"...etc]<img class="size-full wp-image-# alignright"...etc/>[/caption]

    but that does not work.

    Please email me if you know of a way to selectively impose an alignment on an individual caption. I've googled it to death :)

    thank you! - Val

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