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  • Resolved Joel Bernerman


    Im not totally sure this is the correct forum for this kind of requests.

    We are using dynamic widget on some of our sites.
    Our editors got some trouble with the similar names(Backend) on widgets.

    For example they are using about 20 text widgets and they are all showing up as a giant list of text widgets that can not easily be distinguished in the dynamic widget listings as the only name showing is “Text” on all 20 of them.

    I am currently developing a plugin that will add a note to the backend widget title helping us to sort this issue out.

    I able to do this in wp widget backend but there is no way for me to alter the widget name in the dynamic widgets backend in your current verion.

    So my feature request is add this line of code:

    apply_filters('dynamic_widget_alter_name', &$name, $id);
    return $name;

    on line 514 in dynwid_class.php and my problem is able to be solved easily.

    I dont really like modifying contrib plugins due to the problems at updates but I will do this anyhow locally as I have to.

    But I do think it might be a good idea for you to implement this litte
    bit of code to extend the plugin features.

    Thank you for the great plugin.

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  • Plugin Author Qurl


    Actually, the comment feature you’re talking about is a request that has been made already a few times. It’s on the wishlist. Of course I can add this filter to the class.

    Would you like to share your code with me? So I can embed it into DW completely?

    No problem, it no official plugin but you are free to use it.

    I have taken lots of inspiration of the “Widget context” plugin to construct this so they deserve some creds for this one.

    It seems to be working nicely, tested it in 3.3.1 and 3.5.1.
    It may very well apear to be some bugs in there, the aproach is a bit haxxy.

    I did one more minor change in row 508 in dynwid_class.php of dynamic widgets.

    $name .= '<span class="in-widget-title">: ' . $option[$number]['title'] . '</span>';

    Moving the colon inside the span to keep the look persistant all over.

    The note(or comment) is set in the wp widget admin interface, you maybee want to move it or style it a bit to fit in with the “Dynamic widgets” link in the bottom of every widget.

    I guess it should be fairly easy to implement it in your module.

    Zipped it down and uploaded it here:

    Plugin Author Qurl


    Thanks! I’ll have a look if I can integrate it into DW. 🙂

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