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  • Plugin pages are not the best place to discuss an open source plugin. Most open sourced projects are hosted on github etc and developers have much better and specialized tools to directly addressing technical bug reports etc through those tools. WordPress forums simply aren’t built with an open source issue tracker in mind. WordPress itself doesn’t use the wordpress forums to discuss the majority of the issues for projects they’re working on. Instead teams like the Gutenburg team etc use github and discuss issues related to technical issues primarily through github.

    It should be standard practice that any wordpress theme or plugin that is open sourced to have a dedicated field to link to their repo. Yes, they can always do that through their project description etc, but it’s about positioning and prioritizing open access to code. Too often plugins are made by a developer, then abandoned. Some other users might take up the torch and continue to develop it, if there was a greater amount of access and transparency in the way that the code repo was linked to the plugin repo.

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  • Oh yeah and vscode extensions did this before MS even bought Github, so like…. kind of think this is standard. When MS is doing better than you on making open source easy to use, you know you’re falling behind. Do better WP!

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    We talked about this here

    Tl;dr? Not at this time thanks to history and developers being evil when we gave them fields like that. Also the directory is meant to help end users find plugins to use. That’s the primary goal.

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