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  • Hi! I love your plugin, but when it comes to bulk resize lots and lots of images, it would be great if some indication of progress were shown. No matter if it’s in the form of % complete, or if it’s 67/100. Some possible mark to infer how much time could the entire process take, wold be lovely.
    Hope you can consider this and add it to the plugin.

    Big Thanks!

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  • Plugin Contributor Jason


    Thanks for the feature request, I’ll look into doing that.

    The bulk update feature is something that I never really intended to build but so many people requested it I put it in there. It is not really the most elegant interface though.

    Maybe it’s not that elegant, but it’s the most reliable plugin doing this task. A progress indicator will add for usability and understanding how the process is going.

    Also, you maybe could want to hardcode a “micro sleep” evaluator, because crowded servers may skyrocket cpu load when resizing lots of images. So, if you detect that resizing an image took more than, let’s say, 6 seconds, the plugin activity could be harming the cpu load, thus inserting a small pause between further image processing could help to alleviate the load in the server. Something as simple as

    Plugin Contributor Jason


    I just added a counter in the results in version 2.3.1 if you want to check it out. it just displays the counter in the results but it does the trick.

    putting in a “nice” CPU type of setting i’ll look into that. did you experience high load from the image resizing?

    I just tested it and the counter is very good! 🙂

    Of note, when the images are being processed, the autoscroll effect has a weird behaviour since… ages. Since the very first time I used the plugin, I noticed the list seems to “try” scrolling to the end on every item added, but it just autoscroll to the middle. Not that I can’t live without that fixed, but is just a silly thing to comment about.

    Regarding the CPU… I had to use the plugin in several kind of servers. those ones with RAM < 1GB, can just stall and Apache need to be manually restarted. Others with 4 cores and 2-3 GB RAM will skyrocket load between 8 and 12, and if you run it in a shared hosting to process hundred of photos that never been processed before, you can get an angry hosting provider.
    The same cpu thing happens with other large batch processing plugins, like Regenerate Thumbnails, Auto Thumbnails, and Video Thumbnails. One thing I can think of, is why all those plugins and even Imsanity haven’t a Pause and Cancel button (Regenerate Thumbnails has just the Cancel). Because sometimes you may need to alleviate the cpu load manually, by pausing the process. Don’t know if this is possible using jQuery or you just need to pass some parameters with a standard HTML submit button, but it is certainly a good feature.

    Sorry for the long letter, I’m betatester and use to report things as thoroughly as possible 😉

    Thank you!

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