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  • Chrome is implementing a loading attribute for images and iframes which can then be set to lazy to have it natively lazy load the element with JS then only being required for browsers without the feature (with it then having feature detection to help determine if the JS code is needed or not).

    You can see more about this here:

    Also, shows that Safari is interested in adopting the feature as well as providing a placeholder to show until the element’s loaded (exact comment on the matter is here:

    Either way, I’m thinking this could be the next step in improving this functionality and being one of the first plugins to support it (while having the nice existing JS fallback) could be a nice differentiator. Also, it seems like implementing this wouldn’t be too terribly time intensive.

    I also mentioned this at, but I figured I’d mention it here for others that might be interested in this.

    Thanks for the great plugin,

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  • I’m sure this plugin can pretty easily add this feature. Until then, you could
    add it with a complimentary plugin. We just released one that works in tandum with other image lazy loading plugins like this one.

    Check out Native Image Lazy Loading on the WordPress repo. You’ll find all the details here:

    Thread Starter KZeni


    @jdm-labs I appreciate the update on the matter. I’d be nice to have one plugin handle both considering native lazy loading isn’t quite as supported as one might want yet, and having things be filtered multiple times via separate developers/plugins for the same sort of thing isn’t too ideal. That said, this is definitely a stop-gap for this feature/functionality. Thanks!

    @kzeni Precisely. It’s only a stop-gap.

    Thread Starter KZeni


    Looks like (rather than might be a better option until this is officially supported via this plugin as a one-stop solution (to progressively enhance things while also providing support for browsers that don’t have it yet.) Figured I’d give it a mention in the meantime.

    Alex Gambler


    KZeni, I totally agree with you, is the best option for now, for my project site it works perfectly.

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