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  • It seems that language tags should use RFC 4646 language codes according to W3C. Here is the reference:

    However, WordPress uses ISO 639-3 locale code. I found it in Request a New Locale section.

    WordPress already have zh-CN and zh-TW now. But I want zh-Hans-CN and zh-Hant-CN. The following example shows the difference.

    • en: software
    • zh-Hans-CN: 软件 (Chinese, Simplified Han, China)
    • zh-Hant-CN: 軟件 (Chinese, Traditional Han, China)
    • zh-Hans-TW: 软体 (Chinese, Simplified Han, Taiwan)
    • zh-Hant-TW: 軟體 (Chinese, Traditional Han, Taiwan)

    In my case, zh-CN(=zh-Hans-CN) and zh-TW(=zh-Hant-TW) are ambiguous. Hans and Hant means simplified or traditional written system, while CN and TW means regions with specific word perfect. They are different. WordPress usually determine lang attribute of html tag by get_locale API, but I think locale code is not equivalent to language code in many cases.

    Of course in practice, RFC 4646 language codes are too many, and seems not a good choice for WordPress translations, because it may be impossible to create and maintain large quantities of WordPress translated versions. But I want a feature that I can add and control custom translations locally, just like plugins. Besides a drop-down list to select languages at setting panel, I need a button to add custom languages.

    BTW, in Microsoft Windows system, a locale name is based on the language tagging conventions of RFC 4646 (Windows Vista and later), which is mentioned here

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