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  • Dear Developer,

    your plugin rocks! thank you for doing such amazing work and sharing it with the community!

    Could I please request a small ability for the “CDN friendly” option to be able change domain for the generated webp images to the CDN?

    I have an WP Fastest Cache + StackPath CDN integration.

    The way it works (per my understanding) is that all assets links are replaced to my StackPath domain, for example:



    CDN automatically clones original image from and redistributes a copy from their server locations.

    However, when I use your plugin the new Webp links generated are pointing to the, while it would be great if I could set that new links must using [stack-id] so it will run through CDN route.

    Thank you,

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  • Plugin Author


    Hi Max,

    Thanks for your request.

    CDN plugins actually expect image urls pointing to website. WebP Express simply provides new images and new urls on the website – which is the “origin server”. WebP Express works well with all the CDN plugins I have tested this far, including WP fastest cache.

    If I implement functionality to change the domain, WebP Express will be taking over the job of pointing images to CDN, but only for WebP images. It will still be necessary to have a CDN plugin for pointing other assets. But configuring CDN two places seems like a bad idea. It seems that the functionality is only useful in case there should be incompatibility with a CDN plugin. But I think it is a better route to fix such incompatibilities as they are discovered.

    Do you have the links pointing to your site, but other links, such as css and javascript pointing to ?

    Can you share the website URL?

    Best regards,

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    Morning Rosell,

    thank you for your reply.

    Everything is pointing to correct places for the CDN there is no incompatibilities, except WebP as it points back to ‘origin’ domain because it injects new Webp images after output buffer, while simply changing the origin domain would have CDN’ed the WebP generated images.

    I am very, very sorry that I can’t share the domain as it is confidential at the moment.

    [Sorry for how it sounds:] If you would have a spare moment , you could start StackPath free trial for a month (it doesn’t ask for CC details to have one), then integrate with WP Fastest Cache through CDN tab you would see what I mean.

    Basically all assets becoming instead of origin server (Fastest Cache do the same as your plugin, changes the asset links via output buffer), non-asset links ofcourse are staying the same as they should.

    Stackpath automatically mirrors files that are displayed as if its referenced from ‘origin server’ so nothing is uploaded/sent to CDN storage specifically.

    Thank you,

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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