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    I think this is the best search analytics plugin available.

    Though some others have some options that I wish this one had. Please consider adding a shortcode or other way to display in the admin and frontend the number of searches in this kind of format:

    When # of Searches
    Last 24 hours 222
    Last 7 days 2222
    Last 30 days 22222
    All time 222222

    Basically not just showing the searches, but how many total.

    I don’t know how much is possible and don’t want to ask too much, but to just throw some ideas out, it would be cool if then the numbers can be clicked and the searches can be examined in more detail. It would also be nice if it were possible to display search analytics graphs on the frontend.

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  • Plugin Author Cornel Raiu


    Hello @deraxia ,

    Thank you for writing this. It means a lot to see what people really need to be able to use Search Analytics to its full potential.

    I am currently working on V2 of the plugin which will be ready for testing somewhere around the end of this month and then officially launched around the 15th of August.

    However, there are a couple of issues that were reported by other users so I will try to also add some of your requests to the next update.

    Admin side

    Here, we currently have the dashboard widget showing a set of Last week search stats. I can probably add an area on the plugin settings screen that would allow you to add or remove things that you want to have displayed in the widget. Also, I am thinking of adding a WordPress filter in there so that you can always use it to display even more data or reorganize data.


    Since V1.3.5, we have the mwtsa_display_search_stats shortcode that can be used on the frontend. This will probably have the same faith as the dashboard widget above. I will add the possibility for displaying more data and also add filters in specific areas so that you can alter the way data is displayed.

    Regarding the display of search analytics graphs. Well, this is something I am not a huge fan of for the simple reason that it would impact frontend performance. Not a lot, but Search Analytics is known for close to 0 impact on the website performance.

    However, I will need to do some thinking around adding ways for you, as a website admin, to display more data on the frontend because I can see this is a pretty popular request nowadays.

    Thanks a lot for these suggestions and I am looking forward to your opinion once these become true.

    Do you think we can set this topic as resolved? Since it is a feature request.

    Thank you and I am looking forward to even more ideas on how to make the plugin better.

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    Thanks for the reply. I’m sure you already thought about this more than I have, but if you did decide to include some graphing on the frontend, perhaps this could be configured in such a way the necessary scripts and styles only loaded on the relevant page.

    The shortcode in the current version is very cool, but I wish it did a little more. Like having the search terms clickable and they go the search. Maybe I’m missing this option, but it would also be nice to separate the general popular searches from the user’s recent searches instead of showing them both together.

    Plugin Author Cornel Raiu


    HI @deraxia ,

    For separating them you can simply use 2 shortcodes:

    One with the parameter: most_searched set to false
    One with the parameter: user_searches set to false

    You can check all the current shortcode parameters here

    The idea of making those clickable is really nice. I am not sure how well you know your way around PHP, but if you are ok with it, you can customize the shortcode output by using the mwtsa_display_search_stats_shortcode_output filter:

    apply_filters( 'mwtsa_display_search_stats_shortcode_output', $html, $atts, $data )

    For the frontend part, I still have to think of the best way to do it while also keeping it super lightweight.

    Thanks again for messaging. This is very helpful.

    Plugin Author Cornel Raiu


    Also, if you think the plugin is helpful, I would really appreciate it if you left a review.

    Reviews are one of the ways in which you can show your support for the developer(s) behind the plugins.

    Thank you!

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