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    Hello SSB Author

    Thank you so much for a great plugin, working very fast, simple and professional display.

    I have only one request to make this plugin Amazing.

    Sometime I need to add more buttons such as “Report” or “Wishlist”. Is it possible to has the option to add the additional shortcode in your plugin setting so we can easy to add some extra buttons there.

    There isn’t social share plugin has this option

    For example. I have a shortcode to display Whishlist button of REHUB theme

    [RH_wishlist as_btn=1 wishlistadd="Add to wishlist"]

    and don’t know how to add it at the next side of social share buttons

    That’s all

    I hope you will like this ideas and add this feature to your plugin soon


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  • Hi @whateverfree2,

    Thank you for showing interest in our plugin, You can add your WishList button beside Simple Social Buttons by using our Filter. ‘ssb_buttons_output’

    You can simply paste this code inside your Theme’s function.php file to show the Wishlist button beside the Simple Social Buttons.

     * Adding wishlist button.
     * @param array $buttons Selected social networks.
     * @return array
    function add_wishlist_button( $buttons ) {
    	$wishlist = do_shortcode( '[RH_wishlist as_btn=1 wishlistadd="Add to wishlist"]' );
      $buttons[] = $wishlist;
      return $buttons;
    add_filter( 'ssb_buttons_output', 'add_wishlist_button');
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    Thank you for quick reply.

    The Wishlist button now display after the Total share button that look ugly

    How can I display Wishlist button in front of all SimpleSocialButtons ??


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