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  • Resolved entertheraptor


    It would be pretty nice to have the ability to choose to show ads on posts only, pages only or both. At present ads appear to show on both posts and pages.

    What do you reckon?

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  • Plugin Author shawfactor


    Firstly this cannot be added as an admin option as the idea of this plugin is that adds are set throughout an entire multisite and theoretically sites could have many different post types (over and above the built in ones of post and page).

    The way it could be added is by adding a filter in the code allowing you to filter which site show which posts types. I am happy to add the appropriate filters and send you the code that would utilise said filters (which you could add to a site specific plugin or functions.php) but as this is a feature request I’d appreciate a donation to the project. I publish my code in the repository as a public service but my time is limited.


    Hey mate, I’m only really looking to filter out pages and have the ads appear on posts only but then it may be handy to be able to do that on a per site basis so yes I guess the best implementation would be through the individual sites functions.php.

    Would be happy to contribute depending on what you think is a fair thing 🙂 How do I donate?

    This is almost sounding like a “pay for work” arrangement, which is not permitted on the forums. If you want to discuss some form of working arrangement please do it off-forum.

    Plugin Author shawfactor


    Seems ridiculous as plenty use their plugins as a chance to up sell via premium plugins, whereas people like me who don’t do premium plugins (just have one good one) have said restriction (noting this was a feature request rather than support). Anyway it is what is is and I was not aware.


    we aren’t allowed to exchange emails on this forum I think either, Just leave a message at this site and I shall have your email and we can talk further:

    I’ll add the appropriate filter to facilitate this in the next release of the plugin anyway.


    Plugin Author shawfactor


    Note I have added the filters required

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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