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  • I have just installed NDIZI, and I’m loving it. However, I would love to see a few key features, which I think are essential for this plugin.

    1. Would be good to be able to assign tasks to multiple users. A possible work-around is that I create alternate tasks (which would be really the same task) and assign each alternate task to a different user?

    2. I want as the system administrator, to be able to send project/task related messages to users from within the Ndizi dashboard. This way, I can coordinate the workflow on a project, by interacting with the user to whom a task has been assigned, and the client.

    3. It would be nice if we could send access key to clients from within the Ndizi dashboard. For now, I copy the key to my email, and then email it. This is error-prone it seems.

    Finally, I am really praying that you find the time soon to implement these ideas, and others that have been posted, since the last update of this plugin.

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  • Can I add one more feature request:
    Ability of clients to rate service? So this could be as simple as a 0 to 10 scale or a star rating to sure how pleased/unpleased the client was with the delivery of services for the project. THis would internally also allow me to find out which of my staff members are delivering good service and which are not.

    Plugin Author George Stephanis


    These are all good ideas, but a couple of them are items that would likely not be used by the majority of users. As such, they can be easily integrated with the filters and action hooks that I’ve already inserted into the plugin. The rate service, for example.

    Emailing access keys is a great idea, and I’m penciling it in for the next release that I’ve got scheduled. Assigning tasks to multiple users I don’t see as including in the core plugin, but it would be basic enough to add on via existing methods externally. It’s just taking a bit longer than I originally intended, as my clients have had more things lately than I’ve been able to handle.

    Can you add in the upcoming update, a feature to allow the clients to recover their access key from the front-end (akin to a “Recover password” feature. Currently, if a client loses their access key, I have to look for it, and email it to them. Would like to automate the process.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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