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  • Plugin Author MikeSoja


    I’ll put it on the list. I’m a slow programmer, so… but it might be useful.

    Plugin Author MikeSoja


    I can put a button at the top of pages next to the new “Manual Purge” button that will reload from the last hit, but it’s going to have to wait because I am scheduled otherwise for the next ten days or so.

    Keep track of things for me around here, would you?

    Also, just between you and me, I’m creeping up to version 1.0, after all these years, and have been thinking that the thing to put it over the top is in the graphics department. I’ve used jpgraph before, but have been looking at Flotr2…

    Either would require including the respective libraries, somehow, but ideally would give users a way to display their own stats in the snappy format of their own choosing, eliminating the dull, boring, hokey stats graph pages currently in deployment.

    [edit]: I’m now back looking at jpgraph. It’s more mature, and support and docs look better.

    It will still be a big coding challenge, but if I can pull it off, I’d put that PayPal button up, and just roll in it.


    Email me, if you want.

    what ‘manual purge’ button? i see a manual purge menu item in the WP sidebar, but no button on any page

    i wish canoes had a ‘manual purge’ button… either that or a sign that says “please remain seated at all times, especially when the water temperature is below 45F” … don’t ask :/

    as far as a prettier display, i’m a plain kind of guy who secretly likes pretty graphs, as long as they display data in a useful way

    i see i was wrong in saying that the stuff for the details tab, except for WNKS, is all for the same IP – i understand it now, as well as why you stuck the WNKS tab where it is – still, it would be nice to access that tab from the main (sidebar) menu

    Plugin Author MikeSoja


    The purge button only shows up if you enable manual purge.

    Yeah, canoes. Half a family was wiped out earlier this year.

    The things people do in boats. I’m gearing up for my third annual River of Death post re the Tennessee River.

    Look for a separate WNKS tab in a couple weeks. I think the code for it is pretty well segregated, already, so it might be easy.

    Plugin Author MikeSoja



    I added a Most Recent function. Now that I’ve got it, I like it.

    New version is up.

    i saw that 🙂

    thanks Mike!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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