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  • Hi
    Yeah what if you have dozens of posts you want to set to another date?
    You have to it one by one…
    Would be good to be able to that in one go.


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  • Until that gets added to core, here’s one example of doing it with MySQL commands in something like phpMyAdmin

    SQL to increment dates in wp_posts

    UPDATE wp_posts
    SET post_date = DATE_ADD( post_date, INTERVAL 9 MONTH ),
    post_date_gmt = DATE_ADD( post_date_gmt, INTERVAL 9 MONTH ),
    post_modified = DATE_ADD( post_modified, INTERVAL 9 MONTH ),
    post_modified_gmt = DATE_ADD( post_modified_gmt, INTERVAL 9 MONTH )

    Nice but I wouldn’t know how to do that. I’ll just wait for the core to be updated if ever.

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