• Resolved Patrick_D1985


    Hi guys,

    First of as you know I love your product.
    But I have a few small requests.

    1] WP Comments – Please add Display Name

    $user->display_name should really be offered as an option for the name to display.
    Privacy wise (as the user can select what this will represent, so they have a choice in Username, First + Lastname combinations or Nickname etc) it is the best option for comments IMHO as it gives more freedom to the enduser. (Which is my use case is more important)

    2] WP Comments – Give a better option for Avatars

    Now I always have to change it to make NotificationX use the actual user avatar in the plugin itself.

    I have to change this;
    $avatar = get_avatar_url( $data[’email’], array(
    ‘size’ => ‘100’,

    To this;
    $avatar = get_avatar($data[’email’], 100, ”, $data[‘name’], array(‘extra_attr’ => ‘title=”‘.$data[‘name’].'”‘));

    Main difference in thee above is;
    get_avatar_url will get a Gravatar url, which still needs html markup, which is external.
    get_avatar will get a full img tag, is local, and has less overhead)

    3] Custom sound

    I love the sound option and I have been overwriting the default sound for quite some time. But I dont like the facts that I have to redo this with each release of the Pro version.

    Possible suggestion

    If you can not change these things I would really appreciate a filter/hook for them so I don’t have to keep messing with the plugin files itself. Because that is just cumbersome and should be more user / developer approachable.

    Hope you will look into this.

    Best regards and best of luck as always,
    Patrick Dankers

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  • Plugin Contributor Priyo Mukul


    Hey @patrick_d1985

    It feel’s great hearing that you love NotificationX.

    and its glad to tell you that we are working on some cool features and also the changes you have denoted.

    Hopefully, you will get it in next major update.

    Note: since, it is a feature request i am marking this as resolved.


    Hi Priyo,

    Thanks for getting back to me.
    I look forward to it 🙂
    And I know you guys will surprise me for sure.

    Best regards,
    Patrick Dasnkers

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