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    I need to realize an event management portion for a client and thus I am looking for a plugin providing as much functionality as possible out-of-the-box.
    Just to make sure that we can do what we want with EM/EM Pro (and what I possibly need to add myself).

    1. Multiple Event Organizers
    We have different event organizers that posting events on our site.
    We would like them to be able to post their events, which need to be confirmed by the site admin.
    All approval and payment issues (see below) should be handled by the admin, the event organizer should be able to see the list of participants and should be able to send out ad-hoc mails to the participants.
    Can we do this?

    2. Event-specific Emails

    Various types of events may require a series of different follow-up emails, possibly each of them with different mail attachements.
    Does the system support this?
    Do you have a concept similar to an ‘EventType’, which defines procedures like this?

    3. Booking Confirmation
    We need to confirm each ticket before the actual payment.
    I. e. when a visitor decides to buy a ticket for an event:
    – He registers as a user and chooses a payment method
    – The system will sent him a notification that his ticket will be confirmed
    – The organizer approves the candidate.
    – The user receives a confirmation email that contains a link to complete the payment, depending on the previously selected payment option.

    4. Manual Payment
    Sometimes, pricing for an individual booking needs to be changed or the user decides for a different payment option. Do you provide an admin interface where the admin may change this (this also includes marking the booking as ‘paid’ manually).

    Thank you for the assistance,

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  • Philip John



    EM is very customisable and extensible and you’ll find you can do a lot with it.

    1. This is doable, yes, with one exception: EM doesn’t so much have the ability to send custom e-mails out to attendees ad-hoc. You’d probably need a different plugin, or custom solution to do that.

    2. Yep, we recently added event-specific e-mails actually. Attachments aren’t available at this time, although they can be added through custom coding. There is no “event type” no, but you can set e-mails on a per-event basis.

    3. This exact workflow isn’t available out of the box, no. It might be possible through custom coding although it would take some fairly extensive work to make EM change it’s normal process.

    4. Yep, any booking can be modified within the dashboard, including adding offline transactions.

    Hope that helps!




    thanks for the quick reply.
    To question #3 (booking workflow):
    How does the workflow work at the moment? What exactly is the difference to the processing that I have sketched? Does the user need to do the payment first and then will be waiting for a confirmation? If yes, what happens if the user’s request is declined, i. e. the transaction needs to be rolled back?


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    Hi Heiko,

    The way EM does #3 depends on the settings you choose, but probably the closest out-of-the-box sequence to your #3 would be:

    1. User chooses event and fills out booking form, chooses payment method, hits send.

    2. Payment processed, user account is created.

    3. User gets a “pending” email. Event owner also gets notification.

    4. Event owner / admin approves booking.

    5. User gets email confirming booking.

    As Phil said, to get the exact flow you originally mentioned you’d need to do quite a bit of custom coding.

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