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  • Volkmar Kantor


    Hi there,
    i understand this plugin adds a elementor as a gutenberg block. BUT how to do this the other way around: it would be helpfull if you can add Gutenberg Blocks inside elementor?

    Once gutenberg is more esteblisched there would be various blocks that are interesting to add to an elementor driven page.

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  • Kevin


    Was just wondering this question myself!



    Just ran into this issue as well, it would be more useful to be able to add gutenberg blocks to elementor.

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    +1 on that!

    Did anyone find a solution?

    The solution now is to switch to Gutenberg, with each iteration it gets better and there will be long term support for gutenberg.

    I don’t think Elementor will add this feature, the thinking is if you want to add gutenberg blocks to elementor, you might as well use gutenberg.

    This is so frustrating. There is a lot I like about Elementor and a lot I like about Gutenberg. The fact that Elementor won’t allow us to pull Gutenberg blocks in (presumably because they want us to upgrade to Elementor Pro and get the features that way) is really pushing me over to the Gutenberg side.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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