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    Questions nr1:
    I’m using #_EVENTIMAGE to show the featured image and the size is 180×252 pixles and I wonder if I can get it to autocrop itself into this size instead of crop them myself to right size when someone uploades a flyer.
    And if there any chance to link an featured image from example Facebook instead of uploading it to the website?

    Question nr2:
    Can I make it pssoible to searh events after months?

    Question nr3:
    Is there any way to use the widget without putting it in a widget area?
    I mean like an php phrase or something?

    Question nr4:
    The texteditor at the submitting events page doesn’t work, it’sonly shows in html-style. Perhaps it’s an another plugin or my theme byt I want to ask before I disable all of my plugins etc if there’s any way to get it work.

    Question nr5:
    How to show the pagination’s all pages instead of a few as now?

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  • 1. have you tried wp thumbnail; for example, when you upload an image, WP makes three sizes, maybe that could be something worth considering (i.e. using WP thumbnails).

    2. this isn’t possible at the moment; however have you tried shortcodes like [events_list scope=”1-months”]

    scope attributes –

    3. maybe you can try this –

    4. this seems to be working perfectly on my test sites; maybe you can try to temporarily deactivate other plugins or switch back to default twenty twelve theme.

    5. you can try Settings > Pages > Event List/Archives > Event List Limits or use shortcode [events_list limit=”10″]


    If someone uploads a “flyer” that’s bigger then the limit I set (180×252) through the event submit page they will get the message “Image to big” etc. And if I change the size limit the layout will be wierd AND I’ve to crop the flyer myself, and this is not what I want.
    What I asked for was IF there’s a way to let the plugin or something else crop the flyer into the sizes I set,then I can let people upload bigger sizes without crop them myself.
    (People submits 10-20 events per day and I don’t have the time to work with the flyers sizes, and many peonple are too lazy to crop the right sizes themselves)

    And about thewidget or php code:
    Even if I use ” <?php the_widget($widget, $instance, $args); ?> ” there’s no way how to show the widget of Event manager. I want to use an php code that include eventmanager like the widget but not in a widget area.

    The texteditor:
    Just wanted toask if there’s a way tomake it work before Ideactive all the other plugins, and no way I’mgonna test with another theme, my website is up & runningso I can’tchange the theme just to check this.

    And I just recalled I forgot one question.
    If there’s no flyer uploaded with an event can I set an default image automatic instead of login to admin and set an “default” by myself?

    for the image sizes, Settings > General > Image Sizes

    widgets; you can also used wordpress do_shortcode instead; e.g. <?php echo do_shortcode('[events_list]'); ?>

    you can used conditional placeholder like {no_image}content{/no_image} as default image


    4. text editor, do you have a sample screenshots of what it looks like on your side?

    That will include all the images of the site?

    2. Yes 🙂

    3. Please can you explain it like for an 5 years old boy, I’m no expert in this area 😉


    only within EM and for wordpress WP Settings > Media

    for optimization, EM Settings > General > Performance Optimization > Use WordPress thumbnails

    {no_image}<img src=”” />{/no_image}


    The editor is workin, my bad, I had the shortcode for submit events twice on one page.

    1. Done that but the images I upload through the submitpage shows up on the eventlist in exactly same sizes as originalsize.
    Tested with two different sizes and both aren’t “cropped” to 180×252 pixles.

    try Settings > General > Performance Optimization > Use WordPress thumbnails or #_EVENTIMAGE{x,y} where x and y are width and height


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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