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  • Not sure if this is the right spot for this question, but it’s a semi “how to” and semi plugin question so ill just try it. Im also checking if there is a better solution to the feature I want to add. Since i’m no expert I might be doing this the wrong way.

    Im running 2 WP sites, as kind of a database/wiki project about a certain subject. 1 site is all about facts and has about 950 posts. The other one is all about streaming videos and that site contains about 1000 posts(1 post = 1 video). The thing I want to do is to link these two sites together, or show videos from site nr. 2 (from a certain tag) in posts on site nr. 1.

    Up till now i’ve been using the “MultiFeedSnap” plugin and been linking videos on site nr.1 through feeds. Is using feeds a good or bad way of achieving my goal? Does it slow down the site and is there a better way? Obviously I can’t manually add links every time I update my video site. Anyway, “MultiFeedSnap” doesn’t seem to be supported/updated by the plugin author anymore and im having some issues with it after the 3.4 update. Some feeds are not shown anymore even though the feed is working, so I think it’s a good time to see if there are any alternative ways of doing this.

    Anyone have any good suggestions? This is really not my field of expertise so there might be an obvious or better solution to this..I just don’t know 🙂

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  • To do this, I think you have to merge the both WordPress sites.

    You can export the 1000 posts from the second WP site, then transform you first WP site in WORDPRESS MU mode, then import the 1000 posts.

    That’s it ! But it’s very difficult, I know.

    Forgot about this question since I did a bit of a change in the feed url which made the whole thing more stable and working…for a while anyway. Now it’s back to the original problem which is some of the feeds are working and some are not. I don’t know, maybe it’s a bad solution and im running too many feeds on my site.

    Converting to wordpress mu, how will that work? Still 2 separate sites, but now linked together? And the thing you said about it being very difficult. Was that for real or were you just being ironic? 😛

    Any other tips on how I can take the content within a tag on one wordpress site(site b), and show it on another wordpress site(site a)? As I said in the op I was using the plugin multifeedsnap, but it’s not supported anymore and im not sure how running so many feeds will affect the website performance. The content of both sites are increasing every day. Also, both sites are on the same server, but have different wordpress installs, because I wanted them to have 2 different templates.

    I think that WordPress MU is no longer being developed, and you should instead look into Creating a Network. I’ve never attempted what you are describing, but it seems that would be the first step.

    Thanks, I’ll look into that 🙂

    But before I do anything, im trying to figure out whats the best way to display the content from a tag or category within another post. Let’s say that im not running 2 sites anymore, but have merged them and I now have 1 wordpress install with all the content.

    It’s a bit hard to explain, but I’ll try. Let’s say I have a site with 2 parent categories (A & C) and 2 sub categories (B % D). I make a new post and file it in the parent category A and the sub category B. In this post I also want to display the posts (as links) from the sub category called D. And the point is so make it dynamic so I don’t have to manually edit that post whenever I add new content to sub category D. And then imagine I have like 500 categories with 500 sub categories or more, and I want to link many of these together in the same way. How is the best way to do that? I have been looking for a plugin or something, but im not quite sure what to search for.

    As I said before I have been using feeds up till now. I make a post on site A, add some text etc. and then use a rss feed to stream content (and display them as links) from a specific category or tag on site B. But having hundreds of feeds running all over the site would take it’s toll on performance wouldn’t it?

    Try looking for answers in the Multisite Forums. This may not be the best place to ask.

    Even though it will be a daunting task, the best way is to create your news site(s) and import the first site’s DB. On old and new site(s), delete all posts and pages no longer wanted at each site. Then delete all unused categories and tags. You can use the built in filters to sort posts, tags, categories, etc. and ‘bulk’ edit also to edit many post at once (such as assigning a new cat or tag or author).

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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