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  • Hey!

    This is the support post for iBlog2.

    If anyone is using this theme and would like to request a new feature or report a bug, please report it here—and the community and I will get you taken care of…

    Andrew from Pagelines

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  • Bug caused by a syntax error:
    PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '}' in /usr/local/www/data/wordpress/wp-content/themes/iblog2/functions.php on line 161

    If I knew anything about PHP I’d suggest a fix.

    Have the same problem, Am a php expert, Will try to fix it.

    Edit: Found it
    Line 117: <?endif;?> change to <?php endif; ?>

    Edit: Another one
    Line 8 header.php: <? else :?> same as above change <? to <?php and <? endif;?> same as above.

    How do I miss these things?.. I will fix and update ASAP.

    BTW thanks for the report and also the fix

    Is it possible to see who wrote the post/page?

    The custom header function doesnt link the image to the mainpage.

    Not working at all in IE6 (no image displaying or title)

    Other images (such as the ‘home’ image) not showing up in IE6

    Unfortunately IE6 is 25% of my visitors

    Hi. I just moved my blog from Blogger to WP. Now I’m trying out your iBlog2 theme and I want to add the Google Analytics code by hand.

    So I took a look at the footer.php file and I was surprised to see that there appears to be some sort of analytics code already there. It looks like this:

    <!– Analytics Go Here –>
    <?php if(get_option(‘pp_analytics’)):?><?php echo get_option(‘pp_analytics’);?><?php endif;?>
    <!– End Analytics –>
    <?php wp_footer(); ?>

    So what’s that about? Is there some sort of analytics function already included in iBlog2? Do I add my Google code underneath that (just above the </body> tag), or do I replace some of that code, or what?

    Many thanks in advance,
    John Philip Dimick

    The analytics is in fact loaded dynamically from the DB based on what you enter in the ‘theme options’…

    @rentitnow, thanks for the feedback. I have fixed those issues and updated.



    I like your theme very much. I have translated an earlier version into Danish! Now I want to localize the new version, as it is tagged as translation-ready.

    But there are a lot of strings that are not internationalized. I couldn’t find a load_theme_textdomain function, either.

    Or have I missed something?

    I love and am using iblog2
    But…I’m having a very hard time making the widgets behave.
    a) I can put plenty of widgets in my sidebar, but when you go to my site, only 3 are going to show up. Is that all I can have in the free version?
    b) When I move widgets around, only 1 or 2 of them show up. It’s like there’s only certain order I can put the widgets in where I can get at least 3 to show up. Doesn’t give me much control.
    c) I can’t get Adsense to show up in a text box widget. My understanding was as long as I’m hosting it myself, there are no javascript restrictions for WordPress. And I’ve copied the script right from Adsense to the text box.

    Never mind on c, I’m getting Adsense to show up now.
    But I’m still having trouble getting all the widgets I want to put up in my sidebar and their order under control.

    you could very well be right that we need to do further work for internationalization. I’ll do further looking into this for you— but please email me at if you have any suggestions as to how we should approach it.

    I agree with you about the widgets.. this is related to how WP implements widgets. They generally don’t play exceptionally well with JS, especially when you install JS intensive plugins/widgets etc…

    I’m looking for better solutions to this problem..

    I might provide an option to ‘enable’ drag/drop functionality for the widgets.

    Finally, HTML markup problems within widgets seem to cause I lot of problems for people as well.
    No drag/drop would probably solve many of these problems.

    Andrew, can you please look into making round corners work in IE?


    One reason why IE does not display rounded corners:


    These css are not supported by IE.

    2nd reason:
    This is NOT just a CSS problem here! As I’ve observed, you must put your content in some B tags that are formatted with the external CSS file. The HTML code in these PHP files needs to manually be updated, too, to round the edges in IE!

    (additionally it might be necessary to leave everything as is for Firefox and Safari, and to add a JavaScript like”IF IE() …” and then direct to an extra CSS file which contains the updated style for the corners just for IE.)

    I love the iBlog2 theme. It’s a great improvement over the original iBlog. I’ve paid for the iBlogPro 3 just to feel like I’m contributing something financially, and I like getting some support for the themes. I think I prefer iBlog2 for the clean simplicity of it. Here are some suggestions and observations regarding iBlog2 with #3 being a request for support:

    1. Pagelines Advertisement Link. The Pagelines logo and link found below the sidebar causes my site visitors to leave my site entirely rather than opening the Pagelines site in a new Window or Tab. So, I’ve modified line 3 of the sidebar.php code. It now reads … ?>” target=”_blank”>Themes for WordPress … where previously it was just ?>Themes for WordPress. For those trying to duplicate this, please not that you should leave everything alone that you find before and after the … and don’t type … because the … just indicates that there is something before and after what I’ve changed. Regarding Theme advertising, I like promoting your business, but not at the expense of people leaving my site. I’m sure this wasn’t intentional on your part.

    2. Site Icon. It would be nice to have some instructions or an easy Theme Settings option to identify the Favicon. It was easy enough to rename the current favicon.ico file in the iBlog2 folder and copy my favicon.ico file to that location, but a beginning user might need some help with this.

    3. Page Title Syntax. An aspect of websites that seems to change from site to site is the choice people make for the title of their pages. I really like having page names that indicate the website name and then the page name separated by a > or | symbol. This makes it easier for people who are saving bookmarks and favorites to later remember what website that page is associated with. I’m not familiar enough with how to modify the php code to get the desired results. Any help you can provide in this area would be very appreciated.

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