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    Q: What’s ChenPress?
    A: It’s a WordPress WYSIWYG plugin which replace the default editor with FCKeditor 2.0 FC.

    Q: What’s the meaning of the plugin name?
    A: "ChenPress" just the combine of my name ChenWei and WordPress.

    Q: Download?
    A: Click here to download ChenPress

    Q: install?

    • Download the zip file and extract the file ‘chenpress.php’ and folder ‘chenpress’ from it.
    • Upload these files to your server and make sure it goes into the ‘wp-content/plugins’ directory.
    • Visit your WordPress administration interface’s Plugins page and activate the plugin.
    • Creat files foders under ‘wp-content’, just like the following structure: 
      • wp-content\files
      • wp-content\files\File
      • wp-content\files\Flash
      • wp-content\files\Image
      • wp-content\files\Media
    • Change the files foders’ properties to 777 use FTP

    Q: Which files have been modified to the default FCKeditor 2.0 FC?
    A: I modified only three files:

    • /fckconfig.js
    • /fckeditor.js
    • /editor/filemanager/browser/mcpuk/connectors/php/config.php

    Q: So, what’s the creative work of ChenPress?
    A: Just the file "chenpress.php", whick combine FCKeditor 2.0 FC to WordPress.

    Q: How could I make ChenPress suitalbe?
    A: Just configuring the following three files:

    • chenpress.php
    • chenpress\fckconfig.js
    • chenpress\editor\filemanager\browser\mcpuk\connectors\php\config.php

    ==== Detail Function Configuration

    Q: Can I change the default location of upload files?
    A: Just open the file: "chenpress\editor\filemanager\browser\mcpuk\connectors\php"
    And modify the parameter: $fckphp_config[‘UserFilesPath’] = "/wordpress/wp-content/files" ;

    Q: Can I change the toolbar?
    A: Just open the file: "chenpress\fckconfig.js"
    And modify the parameter: FCKConfig.ToolbarSets["CPToolbar"] = …

    Q: Can I change the smiley?
    A: Just open the file: "chenpress\fckconfig.js"
    And modify the parameter: FCKConfig.SmileyPath and FCKConfig.SmileyImages

    Q: Where is "quicktags"?
    A: Just open the file: "chenpress.php", and delete the following code:

    // Nuke Quicktages
    function nuke_the_quicktags( $lookmanoqtags ) {
    $lookmanoqtags = preg_replace(‘|<div id="quicktags">.*?</div>|s’, ”, $lookmanoqtags);
    return $lookmanoqtags;}

    Q: Support?
    A: Here 🙂

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  • Anyone have the file uploading feature working here? It doesn’t seem to be finding the file structure properly. My WP installation is in the web root ( I’ve gone through those config files, and that doesn’t seem to do it.

    Creat foders under ‘wp-content’ yourself!
    But not find in the config files.

    Is there a way to toggle the editor? I see that zz85 code starts the editor, but is there a way to switch back?

    Q: How to switch FCKeditor and Quicktags?
    A: Switch to FCKeditor: click the button “FCKeditor ChenPress”
    Switch to Quicktags: click the button “Save and Continue Editing”

    “Creat foders under ‘wp-content’ yourself! But not find in the config files.”

    I had created and properly permissioned the folders, but the script does not appear to be finding them correctly. Even if I FTP files into them, they are not browsable through the wysiwyg. Anyone else?

    Open the file:”chenpress\editor\filemanager\browser\mcpuk\connectors\php\config.php”

    and modify UserFilesPath to meet your need: $fckphp_config[’UserFilesPath’] = “/wp-content/files” ;

    Im trying to download the chenpress-plugin with no success… Can someone that has it please mirror it for download or send it to me with thanks in advance.

    How to customize my own ToolbarSet in the FCKeditor?

    I try to remove certain features in the Toolbarset (for example the spell check) from the file ‘fckconfig.js’


    i get java script error on IE -> Error: ‘FCKConfig.CustomConfigurationsPath.lenght’ is null or not an object

    Thanks in advance..

    Oh, the file is available, unfortunately the download is going only a few hundreds bytes per second (perhaps he is running a server through a phone modem?).

    If I don’t post back here, it probably means I gave up on this plugin (I’m searching for a decent WYSIWYG) 😛

    <3 tony

    Hi chweifly – thanks for great work making this.

    I have two little issues:

    (1) Like ablewave above, even though file structure is created, permissions done, and config set, no uploads show in ChenPress browser.

    (2) I would like to always show ChenPress, not Quicktags – can you tell me how?


    I just fixed my problem (1) above …

    A change is needed in the config.php file – same file that holds $fckphp_config[’UserFilesPath’]

    At line 32, change:

    $fckphp_config[‘basedir’]=substr($_SERVER[‘PATH_TRANSLATED’], 0, strlen($_SERVER[‘SCRIPT_NAME’]) * – 1);

    Reason it wasn’t working: I use mass virtual hosting, so DocumentRoot holds wrong base path. The change above uses 2 different server variables to achieve it reliably. This problem would also occur for certain non-Apache servers too.


    General question:

    When using quicktags and typing in the textarea, hitting the enter key twice produces a blank line, as expected. But switching to ChenPress, the blank line is ignored, squeezing text together. So switching between the two messes up formatting – unless you use
    in quicktags mode.

    Is this right, or am I missing something?


    Sorry – sentence above should read:

    So switching between the two messes up formatting – unless you use the break HTML tag in quicktags mode.

    Why I not see the Button FCKeditor ChenPress?

    I am on winxp, in localhost
    I have installed and activated plugins but in which page of admin i have the button “FCKeditor ChenPress” ? because on admin> write> write post, I haven’t..

    I use this path
    http://localhost/wordpress/wp-content etc..

    and in


    I use the default path:
    $fckphp_config[‘UserFilesPath’] = “/wp-content/files”

    is correct?
    however I have tested:

    but not work!
    How I can resolve?

    ../ small question, so is generally preferible because work in both unix and windows operative system ?

    Is there package installation wordpress with chenprees pre-installed?

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