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  • I’m having the issue, that the plugin is not able, to load comments from the Graph API. I enhanced logging to see what is the issue and found out, that the query against the Graph API result in an Permissions error.

    [SOCIAL - 2014-01-29 14:23:57 -] Searching by URL(s) for post #5133. (Query:
    [SOCIAL - 2014-01-29 14:23:57 -] Result: {"error":{"message":"(#200) Permissions error","type":"OAuthException","code":200}}

    I’ve now reconnected multiple times and also deleted MailChimp Social Proxy from my FB profile, reconnected again granted all permissions and so on.

    As the code just uses wp_remote_get() I doubt it is using an access token which is required by Facebook to query the Graph API, am I wrong?

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  • Furthermore it looks like the whole code for the aggregation of yet unkown FB postings (the call to the graph API and the work after that) seems to no more work since FB changed that API (about a year ago or so).

    The first thing is, the graph API call just uses wp_remote_get() which, of course, does not include an access token which is required by GraphAPI.

    Second thing is, that the graphAPI now returns an JSON encoded array instead of an object but the whole code in the plugin tries to work with the response as an object.

    So either this needs to be proxied somehow by SocialProxy, too or every user needs an own FB App with an access token and application secret. Am I getting this wrong?

    A patch to update this would be awesome. I created an issue for it here:

    same problem here on 8/31/2014. Seems like I will have to ditch social plugin by Mail Chimp.

    It doesn’t post on Twitter either

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