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  • I installed the FB plugin, and set FB Comments for posts and pages.

    I have some pages that I have unchecked “Allow Coments” and Trackbacks, but I’m getting a non-FB comments section that lets users enter a comment, then tells them comments are closed.

    Is there a fix?

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  • Plugin Author Niall Kennedy


    The Facebook plugin for WordPress replaces the comments plugin of your theme with a list of WordPress comments (posts with existing comments) and the Facebook Comments Box social plugin rendered via JavaScript.

    The Facebook Comments Box social plugin is both a list of comments submitted for the URL and a comment form soliciting new comments. If the allow comments setting is off for the post then the plugin will check if any comments are stored for the URL on Facebook and include the Facebook Comments Box social plugin if Facebook comments exist.

    If you do not like this behavior you could replace the noscript inclusion of Facebook comments with a visible element such as a div, style it, and exclude the Facebook Comments Box social plugin on posts where allow comments is false but comments exist on Facebook.

    Excuse me, sir, but I said nothing of a theme.

    The checkbox to allow or disallow comments and its companion trackbacks has nothing to do with any theme. Both are native to WordPress.

    Those pages where the checkboxes have been cleared (not ON) show the “unenhanced” comment form which allows a comment to be entered, which is assumedly then rejected by WP because the checkbox enabling comments is not checked.

    Previous to the installation of your plugin, the WP settings were being handled appropriately by the theme. BTW, that theme is Weaver II Pro.

    However, the behavior I cite is reproducable in Twenty-Thirteen as well.

    I have marked this topic as “not resolved.”




    Just reread what I wrote last night, and my apologies if the tone seemed a bit strident. I was dead tired at the end of the day.

    Since writing that note, I’ve discovered that the behavior I described is only on the front page. On subsequent pages the comments area is coming from the FaceBook plugin, and is accepting comments regardless of the contents of the Allow Comments checkbox in the WP Admin’s editor.

    The behavior I described last message is only happening on the front page, and may be the result of how it is built (with custom CSS and HTML). I’m going to try to figure that one out next.

    Still this isn’t a theme thing, as Twenty Thirteen has the same behavior – e.g. allowing comments when comments are disabled for a page or post.



    Plugin Author Niall Kennedy


    WordPress has two basic concepts: display comments if the post contains comments; display a form soliciting new comments if the post allows new comments.

    The Facebook Comments Box social plugin combines these two concepts. Comments are stored on Facebook servers and displayed on a page using JavaScript. The Facebook Comments Box social plugin does not have a read-only mode: if you want to display existing comments the social plugin will also solicit new comments.

    But, but, but… I never said anything about read-only.

    I’m talking about a brand new site that has no existing comments.

    I create a page, I uncheck Allow Comments, then publish it. I view the page, and no comment activity shows on the page. I enable FaceBook commenting by checking posts and pages.

    Now the page has Facebook comments enabled. Allow comments is still unchecked but the plugin is overriding that setting.

    That can’t be right can it?

    WordPress has two basic concepts: display comments if the post contains comments; display a form soliciting new comments if the post allows new comments.

    OK, so why if a page has no comments, and the page doesn’t allow comments, why am I getting comments forms?

    I have the same question/issue/problem.

    In basic WP, regardless of the theme, regardless of if comments exist on a given page or post, you can disable the comments by clicking on the Show Comments check box for each page.

    Currently the Facebook plugin does not recognize that button and checked or unchecked the Facebook comments box appears regardless.

    This should not be the case if the Plugin is referencing and replicating the Comments function from WP.

    I appreciate all of the work that has gone into this plugin, but adding this functionality would be a great improvement.

    If there is a work around, I have not been able to find it.


    I too think it would be great. It’s the only real issue I have with the plugin. I’d love to have all my commenting on FB, but there are simply some pages that shouldn’t allow comments.

    I just launched a new brand new site ( ) and would like to get this worked out before I start getting comments. I’ve had to turn the FB comments off beacuse it’s affecting design issues.

    I’m afraid I’m going to loose the very first comments after the switch back to FB comments. It’s either that or write a comments plugin that embeds the code from the FB developers’ Social Plugin generator into the end of the_comment() at the end of pages and posts where comments are allowed.


    Did you ever get a reply or a workaround?

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