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  • Anyone please ?

    I’m having the same problem 🙁

    Just to let you know, I solved the problem on my website by changing the settings on the Yoast SEO Plugin:

    If you’re using this plugin (or any plugin that changes items in the <head> tag), it may be conflicting and causing the double output…

    i focused on SEO plugin by Yoast but whatever changes i make none of them seems to solve this!!!
    How exactly did you made it work?

    If you look at the link I posted above, you’ll see that I de-selected the option “Add Twitter Card Meta Data” under the social options of Yoast.

    This was definitely causing the issue in my case, because once I unselected it, everything worked correctly. Just to make sure, I re-selected the option — and sure enough the double output occurred again. Once deactivated… it went away…

    In my case add twitter card meta data is already de-activated. I both activated and de activated and still the proiblem exists. So it doesn’t work for my case….
    Any other ideas?

    The author of the plugin cannot help us?

    i even de-activated Seo from Yoast but the problem still exists

    It’s either another plugin… a modification you’ve made to WordPress or your theme… or a modification you’ve made to the WPFP files. If you’ve modified the WPFP files, have you tried re-installing all the original files to see if it works properly? If so, the only other thing I can suggest is trying to deactivate other plugins to see if it starts working properly. Otherwise, it’s likely a problem with your theme…

    i have been doing everything you mentioned jpanizzoli for almost 4 hours..
    and still the problem exists…
    any ideas?

    I also have this problem and so I took a look at how the plugin was written. The problem is obviously associated with the fact that the author wrote this plugin to echo the values instead of returning them from the function.

    I would hope that the author would update this plugin so that it will properly return the contents of the page instead of echoing it.

    So, to everyone who’s racking their brain with what might not be compatible, don’t bother. The problem is this plugin, not some other one.

    Hopefully the author will update this plugin soon as I just scanned through the support questions and there seem to be a lot of posts about this and for some reason he hasn’t responded to any of them.

    I’m having the same problem with my site. Everything was working fine until I installed the SEO plugin by Yoast as some of you described. I did not activate it and the problem came up (I can’t say 100% that’s what caused the issue however because after I deleted the plugin, I still have this problem). As ericmiller said – I wish the author would make a fix for this – having duplicate entries is 🙁

    Just noticed something else, when I do an import for my posts from another site (most of them already existed) – it added another entry to the favorite posts so now I have triple entries!

    I’m having the same problem when i activated the SEO plugin by yoast. I have a solution for the problem.
    1.Change the shortcode {{wp-favorite-posts}} to [wp-fav-posts]
    2.Change the code in the wp-favorite-posts.php file
    find the function wpfp_content_filter($content) on line around 280
    change {{wp-favorite-posts}} with [wp-fav-posts] in the function.
    3. find the below line in wp-favorite-post.php
    replace it with
    add_shortcode(‘wp-fav-posts’, ‘wpfp_shortcode_func’);

    This solution is worked for my website.

    as you may have realized i am trying to find a solution fro weeks and i finally did
    as i read here many solve this by doing different things each one in its own page.
    for me the problem was caused from plugin and especially sticky links..after remove sticky links plugin it worked fine…now if i somhow need in the near future wpml plugin again then you will see me here posting again 🙂 🙂

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