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  • Search is your friend, oh lazy one.

    Tact has abandoned you, oh arrogant one.

    uh yeah, no shit. I was just about ready to ask what was up with the repeat post?

    how bout trying Google, its that fantastic *new* search thing everyone is talking about..

    Fuck Google. Did you hear about their whack compromise with the Chinese government?

    On the plus side I was able to stumble around and hook myself up with a favicon.

    excuse me, but thats not the point– what My point was, and what I think yosemites point was, is that youre able to find crap via a fricken search, no matter what damn search engine you chose to use.. Not to mention, that you posted this to a forum used called “how-to and troubleshooting”. You couldnt even be bothered, apparantly, to post your lazy question to the misc. section? And lastly, not to mention, that you already had a thread open that you could have added to. Need to see it? its in your profile. Yosemite found it just fine.

    Next time, maybe use a little initiative, then maybe people wont be so hard on you. Thats not arrogance, thats frustration with what, appears to be, your plain and simple laziness.

    Fair enough, whooami. Good points. Cheers all the same

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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