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  • I have been writing a plugin tool for adding hit counters to my site… I am trying to exclude my own visits by (1) testing for a specially placed cookie, and (2) testing for me-being-logged-in by “get_currentuserinfo(); if ($user_ID == ”) {}… etc”.

    The code for generating the hit is in my footer.php (in my template).

    *HOWEVER* it is breaking because it is registering hits (by me) when I visit the admin dashboard, and the hit code is being called by something executing with a request for “/favicon.ico”. So, somehow a wordpress script is executing on a request for /favicon.ico, and this script isn’t recognising me as being logged in, and it isn’t getting (exposing?) cookies (which are set to be visible to everything within the domain).

    Anyone know why this might be happening?? Why is any script being executed after a request for favicon.ico? Why isn’t it getting cookies?

    Sorry this is a bit vague…

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