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  • Resolved Bart


    When I looked in my page source I noticed that my Favicon is served over https even if my page is served over normal http. (non encrypted)

    I use a self signed SSL server certificate on my backend to securely login on my Dashboard.

    When visitors visit my website it’s always over http and the favicon should also be served via http not via https. As this can cause problems with browsers not displaying the favicon.

    So Heroic Favicon Generator doesn’t follow the protocol over which the page is served.

    Hope you can fix this soon, as Heroic Favicon Generator is a great plugin!

    You can see a live example of this problem on:

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  • I addition on me previous post.

    I did some experimenting, with https and non https setting serving my Dashboard.

    I appears that the choice for serving the favicon over https or http is made when selecting a new image as favicon.

    I deduced this by switching my Dashboard temporarily to only http. Favicon was still served with https link. When I cleared the image and choose a new one teh iage was severed over http (OK) When I switched the Dashboard back to https the favicon was still served over http. So the choice, serving which protocol http or https is made on the wrong place. It is made when choosing the image. Instead it should be made on the moment a page is served.

    Solution, strip protocol (http or https) when storing url
    Use something like <?php home_url
    To build the URL. This function honors the protocol (http or https) the content is served in.

    Hope this helps fixing this bug ad make this great plugin even better

    Thanks, Bart

    Plugin Author herothemes


    Hi Bart,

    Thanks for the genuinely useful feedback.

    Following your comments, I did some further investigation and took on board your suggestions.

    The latest version (1.4) implements your suggestions regarding the home_url function and adds a few more tweaks we’ve been working on.

    Please feel free to try the new version and let me know how it works for you.

    Hi ..,

    Thanks for the reply and thanks for fixing this bug. I am very happy that you understood the problem and fixed it so promptly 🙂

    I installed the new version and tested it.

    However there is still a problem.

    First my favicon was still served over https on a http page.
    After I had switched favicon image I looked it worked correctly. The favicon is now served over http on http page.

    However when I server the page over https the favicon is still served over http. While switching protocol for the page from http to https the protocol in which the favicon is served should alos switch from http to https

    This is what the home_url should determine for you. And if not there are other WP functions that can.

    You can test this behavior yourself by looking to the page source in

    Hope this helps to get it right.

    Thanks again, Bart

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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