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  • Is your favicon named with the .ico extension? If not it will not display in IE.

    It is. And it seems to work when IE automatically generates it from the home directory. For example here:

    But it doesn’t seem to work in the WordPress blog’s public areas, where it is explicitly declared.

    IE is strange when coming to favicons. It is actually strange when coming to everything.
    Your Icon does not show up on my browser as well.
    clearing the cache does not help (nor should it , you are not using no-cache directive)
    So what I can think of, without checking your icon file, is that you have a dual-format icon file, merging both 32x32x256 AND 16x16x256.
    IE does not like it so much (like many other things)
    So try another online generator, and see if that works.

    Moderator kmessinger


    Once your site is added as a favorite in IE, the favicon will show up.

    Not on my IE. I tried that before posting above, and it did not show.

    Moderator kmessinger


    On all versions of IE, before 7 the favicon would not show up unless it was bookmarked, i.e. marked as a favorite. IE7 changed that and does not require it but nomally it helps.

    Since I now have the favicon for commentarius we know the icon is correctly constructed and it is in the correct directory. The link in the header will also work sometimes although not all sites, my included, have it there and the favicon still seems to show up.

    So for whatever the reason, the icon will eventually show up as it has been correctly done. It does for some reason sometime take a day or two.

    Thanks for the responses.

    As far as I can tell, the favicon that I am using is just 16×16. Other favicons that I made from GIMP and other online generators seemed to experience the same problem. So I’m hoping the problem is not the favicon itself. The favicon is here:

    The favicon does indeed appear in the favorites list when favorited/bookmarked. But this does not, on my end, cause it to appear in url or tabs, even after clearing the cache.

    I guess I’ll just have to wait for them to put out a version of IE that works… Though there must be something in WordPress specifically that IE doesn’t like (assumedly in the header), as plenty of other sites clearly have functioning favicons.

    Your icon showed fine in my FF2. I have noticed, however, that some icons do not show right away and may take a bit of time on a particular site before they do decide to show up. I have no idea why that is, but it happens all the time on my system.

    Moderator kmessinger


    So I’m hoping the problem is not the favicon itself.

    Your favicon is fine. It shows in IE7 under favorities, the tab, and the url. This is for your home page as well as all the other pages I clicked on.

    As Saurus says, just a matter of time allowing for some cache, some where, some how, some day to clear.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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