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  • Can anyone help me please?

    Forgot to leave my link

    If your icon is not saved in Microsoft’s .ico format, IE will not display it. FF and others will recognize other graphics formats for favicons – IE will not. Just resave the icon in the proper format and it will show in IE.

    Well for one, your 7.ico file appears to be a .jpg file that was just renamed to .ico which isn’t going to work, at least with IE.

    I would use something like Irfanview to convert and save the file as 7.ico (don’t just rename a gif or jpg file to .ico, save it as actual .ico file type) and try that.

    If your icon is going to be same for every page at that domain then I would just name it favicon.ico and place it in the root folder of the domain. Browsers automatically look for favicon.ico so there’s no need to include an actual link to it.

    Thanks for everything so far.I changed it to favicon.ico with your recommended link above. Uploaded it but still nothing..I’m doing something wrong as far as the upload somewhere. I put it in root html.
    Was I wrong to do that?

    I’m wrong I put it in public_html folder

    I fixed it ..I had the permissions set wrong…Thanks again for everything

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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