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    I’m having an issue with my favicon not showing up in ie7 tabs.

    This issue is only for ie7. Works fine in firefox.

    The favicon DOES show up in the address bar.
    The favicon DOES show up in favorites if a page is added.
    The favicon DOES NOT show up in browser tab.

    Already tried:
    -deleting temp internet files.
    -deleting browser history.
    -deleting <link rel=…favicon.ico” /> lines from the theme header.php and putting favicon in root directory.

    I’m using the “Burnin’ R” theme if you think that makes a difference. Again only ie7 is affected ff is fine.

    You can view the site here. (not much to look at yet)

    Any help is appreciated. No ie bashing, that not’s the point.

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  • Any ideas??

    Am I the only one that’s had this issue?

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    -deleting <link rel=…favicon.ico” /> lines from the theme header.php and putting favicon in root directory.

    Bad idea. The link tag makes the location of the favicon unambiguous. You always want it to be there.

    Make sure you use the correct format though:
    <link rel="shortcut icon" href="/favicon.ico">

    The href part of that MUST point to an absolute location. It can’t be a relative path. Either it must be the full http: stuff, or start with a / .

    Also, the rel needs to be “shortcut icon” and not just “icon”. Yes, “icon” is the correct thing to use, however some versions of IE prefer “shortcut icon” instead. Damn IE.

    And some older versions of IE don’t understand the link at all, so they’ll just look for /favicon.ico regardless. So have it there too, just in case.

    Also, some versions of IE (5, 6) don’t show it until you make it a favorite. Nothing you can do about that. IE7 should respect the link tag and show it correctly, but sometimes not… What can I say? IE sucks.

    Thanks for the reply Otto.

    I found my problem.

    For me the problemn was a common .ico plugin for photoshop (didn’t work properly in 8, cs or cs2). It was the plugin that was messing up my icon.

    I found a different plugin (here), and it made all the difference.

    Works great now.
    Hope this helps someone else.

    I just noticed that there is a link in a comment, at the page I referenced above, at the bottom of the page that links to the plugin that DID NOT work for me. Don’t use that one if you are having issues with ie7. It is by ‘telegraphics’.

    Use the link referenced by the ARTICLE on the page I pointed to.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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