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  • I fear I have created a mess with my favicon and now it no longer displays at all. In lieu of the default or my custom favicon, an empty box with a dashed outline displays.

    To the best of my knowledge, here is what I did, in order:

    1) Downloaded Shockingly Simple Favicon Plugin.
    2) Installed and Activated Plugin.
    3) Created favicon image and saved it as a an .ico file using Dynamic Drive.
    4) According to Shockingly Simple Favicon instructions, I deleted the current favicon.ico file and replaced it with my own. (More specifically, I logged into to the cPanel of my Bluehost account, went to my File Manager, clicked the Web Root (public_html/www) directory and deleted the favicon.ico file that was present on the first page of files — in the public_html folder — and replaced it with my own favicon.ico file that was saved on my desktop.)
    5) There was no change to the favicon. The default favicon remained.
    6) I thought I might have changed the wrong favicon.ico file so I went back into the cPanel > File Manager > Web Root Directory, but this time went into the wp-content folder and then into themes > fabric (which is the name of my theme) > images and then deleted the favicon.ico file there. I replaced it with my new favicon.ico file. Again, there was no change.
    7) I emptied my cache and restarted my browser, per S.Simple Favicon instructions.
    8) Thinking, again, I’d modified the wrong favicon.ico file, I went back into cPanel > File Manager but this time I selected the Home Directory. Once in the Home Directory, I selected the public_html folder and deleted the favicon.ico file there, replacing it with my favicon.ico file. Again, there was no change. The default favicon remained.
    9) Frustrated, I went to my plugins and deleted the Shockingly Simple Favicon plugin.
    10) I then downloaded the Favicon Generator plugin and followed their instructions.
    11) After following all of the Favicon Generator steps, my favicon disappeared all together and an empty box with a dashed outline displayed.
    12) I went into all of the previously mentioned folders via my cPanel and deleted the favicon.ico files that I’d replaced, hoping that the Favicon Generator plugin would override what I’d done. However, my favicon is still empty.

    Can anyone help me with this??

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  • favicon caches can be extremely stubborn. If you’re 100% certain you’ve followed all the steps properly, then it may be best to just wait. You’ll want to make sure you have your favicon stored in the proper location(s) and that it has proper permissions. 644 should do for it.

    Make sure too that it’s a valid favicon. If you need to re-generate it, or try a different tool to generate it with, then do so. Test it by navigating directly to it in your browser’s address bar.

    Make sure your WordPress version is up to date and your plugin is compatible with it. Test a different plugin if needed.



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    favicon caches can be extremely stubborn.

    I’ll say! I’ve never managed to work out the logic behind a favicon refresh. It usually ends up with “wait a few days and then re-check”.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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