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    I really like the plugin and would gladly get the pro version if this helps, but having a major issue.
    Every XLSX/PPT etc (generally office files) that are downloaded are corrupt. They no longer can be opened after being downloaded. I am not sure if this happens during upload or download. Inspecting the file using N++ shows it is the same size but the downloaded one has an extra row on top (row 1) which is empty. If I remove that added row, at least I can open the file and Excel (for example) sees it as “corrupt” and is able to repair it.

    Any idea why this happens? Anybody else having this issue? The server uses Plesk – could this be something Plesk does to cache or scan the files?

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  • Plugin Author N-Media


    Hi @paulherrmann,

    This is something about server related, our script uses PHP standard upload/download script. Can you please try with some other server if possible?

    You are right and I have tried that and it worked on another server.
    Do you have seen this issue before? Perhaps I can look for a direct solution instead of wildly looking. Would you say its php related?

    Plugin Author N-Media


    Thanks for the update, well I didn’t get such a request before. And if/when you found any answer related to this must share for others 🙂

    Hey N-Media – I have cloned the site to a completely different environment. Problem presists, so I went bughunting.

    Turns out, the issue happens when BuddyPress is activated. As soon as I deactivate BP, it works flawlessly.

    I hope that helps. I hope you can replicate and fix the issue.
    Also if this issue is for some reason exclusive to the free plugin, I will gladly purchase the Pro version. (Free simply covers all my client needs, so telling him to buy the pro isn’t really justifiable even though I like supporting good devs)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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