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  • The MAJOR fault of iHomefinder is that the developers did not separate Active Listings from Pending (Active Contingent). When a client searches for listings on Email Alert Searches, the system displays ALL Active and Pending Listings together as one list. It is not distinguishable which listings are Pending until a listing is clicked on and the Status is shown.
    When a client Saves a Search for Email Alerts in Property Search, Advanced Search OR Email Alert Search, the client will receive BOTH Active and Pending listings as New Alerts in their email.
    This major fault makes the website virtually impractical.
    NOTE: Only the Property/Quick Search/Advanced Search display the Actives and Pendings on separate tabs. But once the search is SAVED it will clump all the listings together and the client will not be able to distinguish the status. Also the Email Alerts will sent both Active and Pending.
    Another fault is that the Sub-Area (Neighborhoods) do not filter when a City is selected. For example, San Jose has roughly 22 neighborhoods. When San Jose is the selected City in the Advanced Search, the Sub-Area should just show the 22 Neighborhoods of San Jose. Instead it shows ALL the Sub-Areas of every single City/County of the entire MLS. That’s A LOT of Sub-Areas to scroll through and it’s not only confusing but cumbersome.
    A minor fault: Email Alert Updates cannot be scheduled in the “Edit” option of the Property Organizer even though it says you can.

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