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  • My WordPress URI is and my blog address is but WordPress is generating a “Next Page” link with a faulty link to “” when it should probably generate a link to something like “”. I am using the “Neuron” theme with WordPress 1.5.1.

    (Note: because of a private post on my blog, there are not yet enough entries to fill a second page for regular visitors to, but I see the “Next Page” link when I am logged in.)

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  • I’ve come up with a work-around solution. I reconfigured Apache to share the “wordpress” folder instead of the “www” folder that contains the “wordpress” folder. This way, my WordPress URI is just and the “Next Page” link correctly points to “”. I won’t know for sure until my stealth domain forwarding catches up to my configuration changes. (I made the change with my domain management service provider, but it takes a few hours for the changes to flow through.)

    Still, it would be nice to be able to get WordPress to create correct links without having to reconfigure my whole hosting configuration around its peculiarities (bugs!?)

    Any ideas?

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