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  • Hi, I have several bugs with the upgrade at positions starting from 0, I get this on the top of the page, 00:00:00
    league_id = ‘2 ‘AND season = ‘2013 / 2014’ AND end =” AND DATEDIFF (NOW (), date) <= 0.
    An example:

    There are several Problems with this Plugin after the Update.

    Fixed a Problem myself:

    The “showNextMatchBox” function alternates from the “shopPrevMatchBox” by having a new “group” parameter, which never got assigned before. i hope this will get Fixed, or there will be a guide how to set this straight…

    Just Replace this 2 Lines in the showNextMatchBox

    $search = "group= '".$instance['group']."' ANDleague_id= '".$instance['league']."' ANDfinal= '' ANDseason= '".$instance['season']."' AND TIMEDIFF(NOW(),date) <= 0";

    $search = "league_id= '".$instance['league']."' ANDfinal= '' ANDseason= '".$instance['season']."' AND TIMEDIFF(NOW(),date) <= 0";

    $teams = $leaguemanager->getTeams( "league_id= '".$instance['league']."' ANDseason= '".$season."' ANDgroup= '".$instance['group']."'", "idASC", 'ARRAY' );
    '$teams = $leaguemanager->getTeams( 'league_id = '.$instance['league'], "idASC", 'ARRAY' );


    hello, can you tell me which file should I edit? thanks

    The File is listed under:

    Plugin Author LaMonte Forthun


    What versions of WordPress are you all using?

    I’m seeing an issue with the widget with 3.8.x that I’m working on. The group setting is something that was added in a number of places throughout the plugin to allow for displaying individual groups on pages. With the widget the setting for the group is accomplished on the widget set up on the admin side, but the file I pushed with the update didn’t include that field unfortunately and causes an issue because the group variable isn’t set, I apologize for that. I’m working on a couple of other issues and will release another update shortly. Please let me know of any other issues you’ve run into.

    Im using wordpress 3.8.1 and since ive updated leaguemanager to it disappeared on the dashboard. When i try to open the settings in the plugin page i receive a page with the aswer that i dont have enough rigths to get permission to open the settings. Hope that this problem is solved in the next (hope very soon) update.

    Thanks in Advance.

    The plugin overall is a great tool by the way. My Compliments!!!

    Same problem as pvds here under WP 3.8.1
    Frontend output seems ok, though.

    Hi LaMonte

    I’m using wordpress version 3.8.1

    As pvdss said this is a great plugin and hopefully it can be fixed up soon.

    What does this “Group” Attribute do anyway?
    I don’t know how to work with that.

    Hey, I am also having an issue with it, frustratingly multiple instances of it on the front page of my site 🙁

    I use the widget to show the next games for my team(s) – since the update, the formatting of the heading has changed and the pictures of the teams have.

    you can see my issue on my website – it says the location and date, but not the teams which is kinda frustrating.

    I’m not a super code geek so I am literally at a loss to add anything more constructive.

    I had the ‘you don’t have permission’ issue, but deactivating and reactivating the plugin as suggested in the other post worked.



    Plugin Author LaMonte Forthun


    Patrick, the ‘group’ attribute is used if you are using ‘championship’ mode and have more than one group or division. The problem is if you have groups set up and use the widget the groups are combined. The widget code is some that I haven’t touched much (understand that I didn’t develop the plugin originally) and after digging in have found a few issues that needed to be addressed. Unfortunately, in trying to fix a couple of things I caused a few more that I’m working on. I’m going to push out this update shortly.

    Charles, I apologize, hopefully the new update will get you back to where you need to be.

    seriously LaMonte, don’t apologize, whilst I do hope it is back to working asap, I appreciate a free plug-in that does so much for me and my team, I wish I knew enough to help iron it out, but I know barely enough to knock together a basic theme / site and even that took me a lot of trial and error.

    This is a very valuable tool for teams and once its back working, I am sure it will continue to be so 🙂

    Thanks for your work.


    Plugin Author LaMonte Forthun


    Thank you Charles. The release ended up with a lot more in it than I wanted to push out at the time, but ended up having to because so many things were connected. It’s mostly code I had fixed or modified for my use with a site I was working on and sat for a number of months while I was off on another project. In a few cases what’s worked for me didn’t work for others and I’m sure two fairly major WordPress revisions haven’t helped matters. Anyway, we’ll work through it, as quickly as possible…

    LaMonte, It is a very nice Plugin and i looked at a lot of them before using it. There is not a single Plugin that works as well as yours. If you need some help, with debugging or whatever it is, just say a word. I would be pleased to give something back for a great free Plugin and a great community.

    Appreciate it.

    Plugin Author LaMonte Forthun


    Thank you Patrick, I appreciate that. I agree with you on the sentiments regarding LeagueManager, as you’ve probably read somewhere along the lines I didn’t do the original work, but have sort of adopted LM after using it extensively on a site I was managing. The main developer did a remarkable job on it, I’m just trying to keep it moving forward… If you’ve got ideas and/or any code you’ve dropped in over your time with LM and would be willing to share with the rest of the users, that would be most welcome.

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