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    Hi – I just migrated my multisite installation from an ubuntu 12.05LTS to a 14.04LTS server.
    I was unable to access any site and I identified in the logs this message:
    mod_fcgid: stderr: PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class kintParser in /var/www/clients/client7/web7/web/wp-content/plugins/ns-cloner-site-copier/lib/kint/parsers/parser.class.php on line 3

    … I removed the ns-cloner-site-copier plugin folder and was then able to access my wordpress sites.

    I understand that this error means that the same php class has been declared twice but this is a direct copy of the installation on the original server that worked fine. the only things that have changed are the ubuntu version, php (has gone from 5.3.10 to 5.5.9) and apache ( 2.2.22 to 2.4.7).

    Please advise me if you have any suggestions on what to do about this.
    Many Thanks

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    Thank you for reporting this – really weird! The only time we’ve seen this happen is when another plugin or theme is also using the Kint library. However, we coded the cloner to not load Kint if it’s loaded by something else, so I’m at a loss on what could be going on here.

    It’s especially bizarre since it was working before the migration. Have you added any other plugins or did anything else change as a result of the migration?

    No other changes – all that is different is PHP version (which I can’t help suspecting) and Apache version.
    I have basically copied over the directory structure and database, changed the ip address in the WP db and done a global search and replace to change any reference to the previous directory structure. Almost everything else is working OK – still have one other glitch to figure out…

    If I try and reinstall the plugin I get the following message:
    Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.
    …but I then have to delete it completely otherwise I think it starts giving me the error anyway (I could be wrong about that – it might have been cache or something)

    Thanks for looking

    … and done a global search and replace to change any reference to the previous directory structure… – I’m referring to the database here.

    BTW follow-up…
    I just reinstalled NS Cloner 3 (latest version) and cloned a site successfully. Within a few minutes my whole multisite became inaccessible. THe only way I could restore it was by going in on the command line and deleting the plugin folder. Immediately the multisite became available again.

    Now I know this is what happens it’s no big deal – I don’t use it that often anyway so no need to keep it continually installed 🙂
    Works great when I need it!

    same sort of error in the logs BTW:
    mod_fcgid: stderr: PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class kintParser in /var/www/clients/client7/web7/web/wp-content/plugins/ns-cloner-site-copier/lib/kint/parsers/parser.class.php on line 3, referer:http://www…….

    PHP 5.5.9 mysql 5.5.49 apache 2.4.7 on Ubuntu 14.04LTS WordPress multisite 4.5.2…

    Plugin Author Never Settle


    Thanks for the additional info! We just pushed another update (v to try one more way to prevent this from happening in cases like yours. We’d be grateful if you update the plugin to the latest version and let us know if that fixes the issue for you. It should be available soon. Just make sure it’s before you update.


    Sorry that didn’t work…
    I just installed and my wordpress went down as soon as I activated it. That was with NS Cloner Add-on: Content and Users & NS Cloner Add-on: Search and Replace installed and activated.
    Deleted the ns cloner folder and everyhting was fine again. Switched off the add-ons and attempted to reinstall but got the fatal error: Cannot redeclare class kintParse when activating.
    Deleted the plugin (via wordpress this time) and reinstalled again… working fine at the moment – haven’t yet reactivated the add-ons…

    …but goes down after a few minutes. I am deleting it. Good luck!

    Plugin Author Never Settle


    Ok – super weird. I can’t recreate those issues, but we’ll keep looking at it. Thank you for all your help with the info.

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