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    In some cases, upgrading to Jetpack 8.0 will cause an error like this one:

    An error of type E_ERROR was caused in line 270 of the file wp-content/plugins/jetpack/vendor/automattic/jetpack-sync/src/Listener.php. Error message: Uncaught Error: Class 'Automattic\Jetpack\Roles' not found in wp-content/plugins/jetpack/vendor/automattic/jetpack-sync/src/Listener.php:270

    The error may have been sent to you via an email with the subject line “Your Site is Experiencing a Technical Issue”, or it may have displayed in the Plugins page when you tried to update Jetpack.

    This happened because we moved some files around in this Jetpack release, which triggers an error when they cannot be found in their old locations. Your site should still have upgraded to Jetpack 8.0, so refreshing the Plugins page in your dashboard should show that version. The error should only happen once, on upgrade, and not after that

    As for the frontend of the site, that should also work fine, though you may want to clear any caches you have just to be sure.

    If you continue to experience issues afterwards, do not hesitate to start a new thread here in the forums, or send us an email!

    Sorry for the trouble here!

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