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    Hi Guys

    I have searched the forum for answers and found threads like this but havnt found a solution.

    My site is slow so i contacted my host and they asked me to install this plugin, but when i try to do it i get a fatal error saying this:

    ERROR 3540: Invalid Rewrite List. Empty or invalid rule. Rule: mobileview_rules, list: EMPTY

    – Then i asked my host why this happens and then they said they think it has something to do with the htaccess file but they cannot help me with that. And they won’t help me further until i have succesfully installed this plugin. I do not think this plugin magically makes everything fast, but i need to install it to make them help me again -What a host i got :/

    Can you guys please help me. This is my webshop, as you can see it loads really slow.

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    Everyone will be served from cache after the initial visit, as long as they are logged out.

    Make sure to set the TTL to a comfortably high level. If the TTL is 8 hours for example, once it is expired, the next visit will be slower.

    Plugin Support Hai Zheng⚡


    Faster is always better.

    As Kevin mentioned, a longer TTL can make your site faster for all guests.

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    Okay cool, so what you are saying is that if i set the cache at 2.000.000 seconds (23 days) then i guess that every time someone visits the site the timer will get reset and get 23 days again.

    And if i update the site the cache wil automatically get cleared so people see the new products?

    Why dont you just go all in then and just set the cache to like a year? whats the downside by doing that?

    Plugin Author LiteSpeed Technologies


    The timer will not reset upon each visit to the site, only when the request hits WordPress. So once it is cached, it will be there for exactly 23 days and that’s that.

    Yes, when you update the site, the cache will automatically get cleared.

    There are no downsides to that 🙂 But some people may have certain requirements or things that may change on a daily basis for example, so they cannot cache for as long.


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    Okay thank you so much for your help, i will try to contact my host and see if they will help me activate the crawler, than everything will be perfect. Looking forward to the update with the logged in cache too 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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