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  • Hello,

    I am an intern that has been editing a website from the browser editor. However, I have encountered a fatal error that prevents me from accessing the browser editor, and it seems like all of the other threads about this error say to go some sort of file editing program. How would I be able to see what File Editor was used to edit the site? I tried contacting the person who previously worked worked on the site, but with no response. I can provide specifics on the type of error if necessary. Also, if there is a way to fix this without having to download the editor, please let me know as well! Thank you so much for your time.

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  • Ooops.

    Have you edited a file that makes the blog administration fail to work from inside your browser ?

    (not sure I got it right)

    If so, you will need to use tools other than the web browser.
    – an FTP client, this is like a file browser for remote websites, you can rename/move/delete/upload files and folders, and with a right-click ask to edit files
    – any text editor (and we mean: text editor, not huge text processors adding tons of hidden chars everywhere. That can be the default notepad in windows, or – better – programs like Notepad++, Atom, SublimeText… By default, you may want to use Notepad++, that would be nice.)

    That said, maybe it can be fixed without editing files.

    Could you elaborate on what file you changed, to add what ?
    And what is the error message you’re getting ?


    Thank you for the response! Yes, the last change I made reverted the website to a previous theme that I used. I believe a change I made on the previous theme may have caused an error when I switched themes.

    This is the error message I am receiving:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare aq_resize() (previously declared in /home/nzconsul/public_html/wp-content/plugins/templatesnext-toolkit/inc/aq_resizer.php:233) in /home/nzconsul/public_html/wp-content/themes/theme1722/includes/aq_resizer.php on line 108

    If I needed a tool other than the browser (other than notepad, etc), would I be able to access my recent changes? Or would I need to use previously stored backups already on my hard drive?

    Meanwhile, I will look into these other programs. Once again, thank you so much for the help so far!

    I have this weird impression I’m missing something here, so be careful if my advice sounds wrong, allright ?

    But if the problem is caused by either a plugin or a theme, then the solution in the short term, to make your website work again, would be probably to change your blog to another theme, and/or to disable the culprit plugin.

    I googled the plugin’s name, and it seems this is , right ?
    Used by TemplatesNext WordPress Themes.

    If you somehow broke the plugin, it’s possible the theme NEEDS it and can’t work without it anymore.

    Anyway, by FTP, here’s how you can deactivate a plugin or a theme.
    – You open by FTP your hosting account’s location
    – you move to /wp-content/plugins/
    – you find the folder with your templatesnext-toolkit plugin
    – you rename that folder (adding a character in the end, like an underscore, does the job)
    – following this, wordpress will automatically deactivate the plugin
    – you move to /wp-content/themes
    – you find the folder with your currently active theme’s name
    – you rename that folder (adding a character in the end, like an underscore, does the job)
    – following this, wordpress will automatically switch to another theme. If you have the default themes, one of them will be chosen

    In either or both cases, once you’ve done the renaming, hit your website’s home page, and the admin’s home page, with a few F5 and control-F5, to make sure you’re making the blog update itself and work afresh.

    With that, hopefully, at least your admin will be working again, even if your publish website has defaulted to another theme and/or stops using your TemplatesNext plugin.

    And once your admin works again, nothing prevents you from going to your plugins administration page, find and delete TemplatesNext ToolKit, and reinstall it.
    After which, you can switch again to the theme you had previously and that uses the TemplatesNext ToolKit plugin.

    **Once again: while that is easy, that makes your site temporarily default to another theme and stop using a plugin.
    So, think twice before doing what I’m mentioning, perhaps there’s a simple solution and I simply didn’t understood it…

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