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  • As soon as I enable SSL in wp-config using define(‘FORCE_SSL_ADMIN’, true);, I get these errors:
    Fatal error: Unsupported operand types in C:\xxx/xxx/xxx\wp-content\plugins\tb-testimonials\tb-testimonials.php on line 881

    Warning: loader_default.gif is not a valid file or url in C:\wp-content\plugins\tb-testimonials\tb-testimonials.php on line 930

    I do not get them with define(‘FORCE_SSL_LOGIN’, true);

    Am running Genesis Framework 1.6.1 and running on localhost (XAMPP). I don’t get these errors when TBTestimonials is disabled.


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  • Plugin Author Travis Ballard


    Hey WebEndev, I will have to get back to you on this and get a fix out for everyone. Thanks for reporting it! Will let you know what I come up with as soon as possible.

    I have exactly the same issue, although the warning comes first and then the fatal error. Also I’m “online”, so visiting my page via works but raises this error.
    I tried to disable the loading image (it has no use to me anyway as you say in the description) but it didn’t work.

    I’m looking forward to your new release, which will hopefully come out soon. 😉

    Does anyone have a workaround that enables me to continue using TB Testimonials on my https website?

    Plugin Author Travis Ballard


    Hey bud, I just tried looking into it quickly but don’t have SSL configured locally so I’ll have to play with it over the weekend and get back to you on it.

    Hi, “multimule” here. Thank you for looking into it. I hope you find a solution because I don’t want to miss your great plugin!

    Any progress on this? Please just ask me if you need more information!

    Travis, sorry for bumping but no news on this?

    Plugin Author Travis Ballard


    No nothing as of yet I’ve got my hands tied up on a project at the moment. Shoot me your email using the contact form on and I’ll let you know as soon as I get something. Maybe we can work together on fixing it for you.

    Thanks! I’ve sent you an e-mail.

    Did you receive my email? Maybe it was marked as spam because I included the Url I’m referring to.

    I just tried the new version and it still produces an error. Though it changed to:

    Just this, in fact it’s the source code! Every page I visit with https displays this. No matter if I enable or disable the preloader, change the graphic url etc.

    Side note: Something went horribly wrong. After installing the new version I enabled the preloader for testing purposes and all my pages (admin page etc.) displayed the text above – even without https. This caused me a lot of unnecessary trouble as I had to delete the plugin folder and manually delete the settings… to get my website work again…

    I’m having this same issue. It’s not the most ideal fix, but I’m simply commenting out line 947(ish):

    trigger_error( sprintf( '%s is not a valid file or url', $url ), E_USER_WARNING );

    Not sure why it doesn’t have some checks to prevent the entire script from dying. Missing the image doesn’t seem to be a kill error.

    I’ll check the logic in the whole tbtestimonials_prepare_preloader sometime in the next few days (if I don’t forget, lol) and submit a fix to Travis if I find an easy one.

    That would be great! I finally want to be able to use my secured website. 😉

    Plugin Author Travis Ballard


    Jan van Dank: When you upgrade to version 1.5.8 that was just released, will you let me know if this issue is solved? Thanks and sorry that I didn’t get it out in the last release.

    Plugin Author Travis Ballard


    Also, thanks for your help with this ivycat

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