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  • Hi I’m completely new to wordpress and just tried to select a theme to create my website and now I am unable to even log into my the site as this message comes up for both public and admin:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_get_theme() in public_html/wp-content/themes/blackbird/functions/theme-options.php on line 7

    Any help would be appreciated Thanks

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  • Hi, krisw.

    What is the details in theme-options.php > Line 7.



    krisw, what version of WordPress are you using? It looks like the error is coming from a function that requires WordPress 3.4; if you upgrade, you should be fine.

    Amy – I didn’t note which version of WordPress it was I just tried to start with selecting a theme. Someone else has set this up for me so will I still be able to upgrade?
    Hanafi – I’m not sure what you mean

    i had the same thing happen this weekend. deleting the theme didn’t work (i was using v. 3.1.1 & have upgraded to 3.2.2 but my webhost doesn’t have v. 3.4.1)
    not sure how to get 3.4.1 onto my cpanel….thought i would try 3.4.1 & reloading blackbird.
    i’m stuck without my page to login!

    I have 3.4.1 and get the same thing!!! Can’t access ANYTHING.. dashboard, nothing!

    i have no idea how to proceed. why isn’t there more than 1 way to access wordpress dashboard? this is just so frustrating. if i knew what code to check i’d do it…but themes crashing sites is pretty common…

    Chris Olbekson


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    For those that cant’t access the dashboard. You will need to disable the theme using FTP by either deleting the themes directory or renaming it.

    To use the WordPress automatic updater regardless of your host browse to:

    i’ve not only deleted the blackbird theme, but all themes except 20-11 & 20-10. so it should be defaulting but it isn’t.
    i even try reloading 20-11 & blackbird & deleting blackbird again. nothing. only i get an error message at my site when blackbird folder is loaded in my directory (otherwise my site is blank).
    tried renaming plugin folder to plugins-hold & deleted all plug ins.
    upgraded from wp 3.2.1 to 3.2.2 (my webhost doesn’t give me access 3.4.1 which supports blackbird)…
    i’ve been trying every suggestion i’ve seen on the forums with no luck.

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


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    i’ve not only deleted the blackbird theme, but all themes except 20-11 & 20-10. so it should be defaulting but it isn’t.

    After you delete the blackbird theme, immediately visit http://your-wordpress-URL-here/wp-admin/themes.php and it should then tell you something like “Missing theme, switching to Twenty Eleven”.

    See if that gets you back and running.

    tried this – doesn’t give me any info no search results for my site,
    how can i get it to default back to 20 eleven? there has to be more than one way to fix this…

    here’s the original error message:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_get_theme() in /home/thish726/public_html/wp-content/themes/blackbird/functions/theme-options.php on line 7

    appreciate any help!

    as i mentioned i can’t access dashboard since my whole site is blank after the blackbird theme was loaded…

    The reason you are getting this issue is because you don’t have the latest WordPress Installed.

    Once you update your WordPress to the latest version, your issue would be resolved automatically.

    To regain access to the dashboard incase you had activated the theme on the older version of WordPress. Use your FTP Software and navigate to wp-content/themes directory. Either delete or rename the “blackbird” directory, which would deactivate the theme automatically.

    Then goto your WordPress Dashboard, Update your WordPress Installation and Activate the Theme again, you will get everything to work normally.

    @thisheartofoak – If your webhost is not allowing you to update your WordPress Installation, then I would suggest you to change your host.

    The Theme carries few functions which had been introduced in the newer WordPress Version prior 3.4. If your host company is using the older version of WordPress, ask them to update your WordPress Installation, otherwise lots of advance new themes would not work for you.


    thanks for the help! i’m going to put in a request with my host to upgrade to 3.4.1, but the support staff was not helpful…

    again – thanks to everyone for all the suggestions!

    success! I upgraded wordpress to 3.4.1 to my host through filezilla & once I reloaded the blackbird theme voila! my site (in blackbird) was back…
    thanks to everyone for all the help & support for a novice like moi!

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