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  • I was trying to install a new theme and a fatal Error occured. I can’t login to my site and the recovery mode is not being initialized, and I can’t receive another recovery mode link. Please I need help to log into the site in recovery mode to delete the plugin in wp-content. Below is information about my site:

    WordPress version 5.8.3
    Current theme: Bacola Child (version 1.1.1)
    Current plugin: Bacola Core (version 1.1.3)
    PHP version 7.4.25

    This is urgent as it is a live e-commerce site. Will appreciate any assistance to help me get back online.

    Best regards,

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • To bring back your site, kindly access your site’s files via FTP or your hosting company’s web-based File Manager and delete the Bacola Core plugins folder (see path below).

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare klb_scripts() (previously declared in /homepages/29/d859923309/htdocs/clickandbuilds/Simplifiedhealthyfarmproduce/wp-content/plugins/klb-shortcode/init.php:41) in /homepages/29/d859923309/htdocs/clickandbuilds/Simplifiedhealthyfarmproduce/wp-content/plugins/bacola-core/init.php on line 10

    If you really want to continue to use the theme and associated plugins, please contact the theme’s vendor directly for help… as this is a commercial product so we’re unable to install it ourselves and help you out.


    Good luck!

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    Thank you so much George for the prompt response. It was very helpful. I have deleted the plugin causing the issue from the hosting company’s file manager and everything is back. Really appreciate.

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    Hello George,
    Hope you are doing great.

    Please I still another urgent issue with my site. My site is now not accessible and I don’t know what is wrong, neither do I know how to resolve it.

    I need urgent help to get the site up.

    Kindly see below what I had reported on the WordPress forum, though yet to receive any response. The site became inaccessible after I reported this. What I did after this was to rename the .htaccess file so a new one will be created.

    “I am having a challenge with order completion in my woocommece store. When you select the bank transfer option, the page returns to the top as thought pointing you to an error or required field not filled after clicking the place order button, instead of showing the thank you page with order information. The admin however receives an order received email but the customer does not receive any email. In Firefox, I see Internal server error on the top of the page. This is not the same when selecting the pay on delivery option as the customer and admin receives order received and confirmation mails for this option.

    Now two things happened before this started:
    1. I used a coupon code and the system said the coupon code is invalid and has been removed from my order
    2. I edited the order on hold and order completed email earlier, although I have removed the text added, the same thing happens.

    Please I urgently need help to fix this issue as it is a live marketplace.
    Thank you.”

    Please I need urgent help from you to get the site restored as it is a live marketplace.

    Best regards,

    I’m seeing jQuery errors in the browser console relating to the “Order Delivery Date for Woocommerce” plugin.

    As a first troubleshooting step, I’d recommend you temporarily disable this plugin to confirm if it’s indeed the cause or not, so you’ll know how to proceed.

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    Thank you George for your prompt response.
    I have disabled the delivery date plugin, followed by the url coupon plugin, then removed browsing history in my firefox browser (one step at a time), but am still experiencing the same issue (the internal server error keeping the order from being completed, meanwhile sending order received email to the admin email)

    Kindly let me know what next to do.

    Thank you

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    I have seen that when you click on cart page, you don’t get to see it.

    May be that is the issue or part of the issue or symptom. But the question remains what could be responsible for this.

    I will really appreciate you help in fixing this issue.

    Thank you.

    I’m now seeing this error message when trying to checkout:

    POST 500

    Unfortunately, this doesn’t say much.

    I’ll recommend you either

    1) Check your Apache web server’s error log to see if any details about this 500 internal server error are logged.

    2) Better yet, turn on WordPress debugging and check your error log for details about this error.

    Debugging in WordPress

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    \Please don’t offer to send or post logon credentials on these forums:

    You can contact the author on their own site and, once there, the discussion is between the two of you. However, it is not OK to enter or send site credentials on these forums. We don’t want to encourage others (who are less reputable) to do similar things. It’s a fine line, but one that we need to enforce. Thanks for your cooperation.

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    Thank you George and Steve for your efforts in helping with the issue.

    I have now narrowed it down to the order on hold HTML mail template. Everything works when I change the mail type to plain text but not when it is the HTML type.

    I had copied the template to the theme, thereby overriding it. I however don’t know how to go about fixing this.

    Is there a way I can copy the same template/code/text file and paste it in there?

    Kindly let me know what to do next.

    Thank you

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    Thank you all for your efforts in helping me resolve this issue.

    I have been able to resolve the issue. It was a syntax error. I wrote “It’s” when I was editing the text for the order on hold mail and the system interpreted the apostrophe as a closing single quotation mark.
    Thank you once again for going all the way out to help.

    Best regards,

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