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  • Same here! Please, have it fixed. Or suggest how I can return to an older version. Thanks!

    Me too. Arg

    Fatal error: Class ‘FilesystemIterator’ not found in /home3/public_html/wp-content/plugins/custom-content-type-manager/includes/CCTM_Ajax.php on line 80

    Roll back to! Hopefully you have FTP access… I sure didn’t, had to get the server tech :S

    Please vote for broken compatibility status on the details page to warn others about this version.

    OK… replaced plugin with 9.7.6 and all is right with the world again. That’s the solution for now. More info here

    I was able to fix this TEMPORARLY and hackish. All this will do is restore your website until the dev fixes it.

    Open the file listed in the error: /wp-content/plugins/custom-content-type-manager/includes/CCTM_Ajax.php

    Go to line 80, move everything on line 80 down once by entering a blank line above it.

    On the new blank line 80, add this
    if (class_exists(FilesystemIterator)) {

    Now go to line 91, make a blank line, and on that line, add this }

    You have to do the same thing with the file CCTM.php

    Go to line 819, and make a blank line, and add this
    if (class_exists(FilesystemIterator)) {

    go to line 913, make a blank line, and add this }

    You have to know PHP to do this, but it will get your website back online until the next update.

    I suggest rolling back rather than doing my code changes. The link to roll back wasn’t there when I started my reply.

    Thanks guys for the fast action!

    I tried deleting the plugin at all, and things still haven’t changed.. Re-uploading now the older version via fpt. Hope it works!

    Re-uploaded the older version via ftp – didn’t work. Deleted the plugin completely via ftp – didn’t work! What else can I do??? Please, advise. Thank you so much! So stupid of me to update on the live website..

    What is the error once you remove it fully oksanaar? Can you paste the error for us?

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    Sorry guys: I had gotten complaints about using scandir, so I replaced directory scanning it with FilesystemIterator but obviously that causes problems on some servers.

    To roll back you need to remove the directory and reinstall from

    Will get an update out shortly.

    Is there a risk to existing data and layouts by doing rolling back?

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    I can’t guarantee anything on anyone’s site — I can’t even guarantee you have the very common FilesystemIterator class, which should be standard. ALWAYS backup your site and your database. By updating the files, you are not updating the database, but always keep backups. That’s the only official response that’s sensible with a question like that.

    First: FileSystemIterator Class is PHP 5.3 – not a qualifier you have in your update notes. By no means ubiquitous.

    Second: You know your software, not looking for guarantees, was just looking for a heads up for any known issues.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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