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    I just migrated in a website to WPEngine and the plugin is throwing the following fatal error:

    [04-Mar-2024 10:25:02 UTC] PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught LogicException: The template folder "theme" was not found. in wp-content/plugins/age-gate/vendor/league/plates/src/Template/Folders.php:60
    Stack trace:
    #0 wp-content/plugins/age-gate/vendor/league/plates/src/Template/Name.php(111): League\Plates\Template\Folders->get('theme')
    #1 wp-content/plugins/age-gate/vendor/league/plates/src/Template/Name.php(83): League\Plates\Template\Name->setFolder('theme')
    #2 wp-content/plugins/age-gate/vendor/league/plates/src/Template/Name.php(45): League\Plates\Template\Name->setName('theme::partials...')
    #3 wp-content/plugins/age-gate/vendor/league/plates/src/Template/Template.php(83): League\Plates\Template\Name->__construct(Object(League\Plates\Engine), 'theme::partials...')
    #4 wp-content/plugins/age-gate/vendor/league/plates/src/Engine.php(291): League\Plates\Template\Template->__con in wp-content/plugins/age-gate/vendor/league/plates/src/Template/Folders.php on line 60

    Customer is using the Divi theme. I’ve tried both PHP versions available (7.4 and 8.2) and it gives the same error in both instances.

    Plugin is set to use JavaScript verification, since WPEngine does have its own caching built in. I’ve also tried re-saving the appearance settings; the issue is persisting. Have to disable the plugin temporarily so that we can ensure the rest of the site still works, but interested in a solution if possible.

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    Hi @bigcloudmedia,

    It looks like a folder is missing, did you deploy via the WPE git push as that could have seen it as empty (it just had a .gitkeep in) and omitted it from the deployment.

    I’ve added an empty index file in there so if you give version 3.3.3 a try I think it should work.


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    That seems to have fixed the issue! I used WPE’s automated migration tool (which is based off of DeliciousBrains’ WP Migrate DB, which they purchased about a year ago). Wasn’t aware that it ignored folders it considered empty as such, but it’s a good thing to know for the future.

    Thanks for the assist!

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