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  • Me too.

    Plugin Contributor Hardeep Asrani


    I wasn’t able to reproduce this issue. Could you give us more information about this, if possible? Thank you. 🙂

    Linked here are screengrabs of the issues.

    One WP install had the TwentySixteen theme and all plugins deactivated and if I went to the Intergeo Maps options under the Media tab it just showed the admin bar with a blank page. Another install had a similar arrangement and game me the issue “Oops! Something went wrong. This map didn’t load Google Maps correctly.”.

    Now the latest issue is the fatal error as stated, but I can’t attach a screen of this because I had to revert the plugin back to the previous version on all sites where it’s used so that it would work.

    The problem has only occurred in the last update or one previous if that helps.

    I to have come across this error. Any idea how to fix it?

    I’ve removed the plugin completely and re-installed but no different.

    Same issue here. Same tries at resolving – added / removed plug-ins. Disabled plug-ins. Am using the Parallax One theme from TI. All themes/plug-ins/system up to date.


    I just got the same when trying to access the Intergeo Maps page on my live setup (was OK on the dev one).

    The error refers to the use of empty() at …/plugins/intergeo-maps/templates/library/list.php on line 3. Apparently, pre to PHP ver 5.5.0 the function can only use a variable, rather than an expression, as it does here. – see

    Check your version of PHP – in my case I was using 5.3.10 but the minimum recommended for WP is now 5.6 – see

    I temporarily got round the problem by re-writing the first few lines of code but thanks for the ‘heads-up’ to update my server before it caused problems elsewhere 🙂

    	<div class="wrap">
        	$map_api_key = get_option( "intergeo_map_api_key" );
    //         die( '$map_api_key = ' . $map_api_key );
    //         if (empty(get_option("intergeo_map_api_key"))) {
            if ( empty( $map_api_key )) {
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    today update php version 5.3 to 5.6
    i can use this.

    Yes, upgrading PHP 5.3.10 to 5.6.25 seemed to fix this.


    Plugin Contributor Uriahs Victor


    Thank you for listing your workaround! We are aware of this and have added a commit to patch it so it will be fixed in the upcoming versions of the plugin. Another alternative is:

    Navigate to the following path:


    Open that list.php file and on the line that says if (empty(get_option("intergeo_map_api_key"))) { please change it to:

    if ( ! get_option("intergeo_map_api_key")) {

    If you are not comfortable doing this then please contact us through here: and we will do it for you, in your ticket link this post.

    Best regards,

    Ah yes, that’s a better solution – the default for a non-existent get_option() being FALSE. Thanks.

    Updated the file per the developer’s suggestion and it’s working! Great news, as I don’t have to change my development platform!

    Thanks for the quick resolution




    Great! Glad that you got it solved! 🙂
    Also, could you give us a review: We would appreciate it.

    Best regards,

    thank you for looking into that, this problem seems to be resolved now.

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