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  • I’m trying to import my Blogger posts but I’m getting a fatal error as follows:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: register_importer() in /www/cgi/wp/wp-admin/import/blogger.php on line 665

    Can anyone give me some help as to how to correct this. I’ve had enough trouble loading this version, that I’m afraid to upload 2.1 at this time. I just want to get my Blogger posts added then save then get the guts to save the database before trying to upgrade to 2.1. Thanks.

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  • Which version of blogger are you trying to import? I know the blogger importer that comes with wordpress will not handle the new format.

    Which importer are you using? A quick search for the error that you receive shows that you may be using an older version of the importer and not the newer one that comes with wordpress.

    Thanks drmike, I’m using the old Blogger, not the beta. The importer is the one that “shoulda” downloaded with WP 2.0.4. This is the version that comes as an auto download through my server at

    They had originally had version 1.x.x and I was having a bugger of a time, but at least then I was able to get my Blogger posts imported into that, but then I had problems accessing myphpAdmin and lost my imported Blogger posts at when they had to have me reinstall myphpAdmin. Luckily the posts are still on Blogger although I did lose about 10 new posts I had done at the time.

    Now that they have “upgraded” to 2.0.4 I keep getting the fatal error at line 665 when trying to import Blogger posts and can’t get them to move in. I do have them saved as text files, but can’t figure out how to transfer them into my database that way (there are over 300 posts). Any ideas?

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