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  • Resolved cecilette


    Hi, I keep randomly getting the following error on my client’s site.

    Fatal error: Internal Zend error – Missing class information for in /home/content/07/7491807/html/wp-content/plugins/postman-smtp/Postman/PostmanState.php on line 10

    I found some posts about that error with other plugins and disabled apc in php.ini (apc.enabled=0). It’s still doing it on almost every page load, though.

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  • Plugin Author Jason Hendriks


    I’ve never seen that one before. Would you please post the Diagnostic Data from the site having the problem.

    Upgrading PHP also seems to be a fix for some people.

    Plugin Author Jason Hendriks


    Ah! I read this article, Do you have any code which includes the same class multiple times with include? (which I found from here which I found from here) and it turns out I am calling PostmanState.php with a require instead of require_once.

    Would you please download and install the development version and let me know if the error is gone.

    Here it is:

    OS: Linux 2.6.32-531.1.2.lve1.2.54.el6.nfsfixes.x86_64 #1 SMP Wed Apr 2 14:06:52 MST 2014 x86_64
    HTTP User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/43.0.2357.124 Safari/537.36
    Platform: PHP Linux 5.2.17 / WordPress 4.2.2 en_US
    PHP Dependencies: iconv=Yes, spl_autoload=Yes, openssl=Yes, sockets=No, allow_url_fopen=Yes, mcrypt=Yes
    WordPress Plugins: Gravity Forms, All In One WP Security, Duplicator, Gravitate Encryption, Gravity Forms Signature Add-On, Jetpack by, Postman SMTP
    WordPress Theme: tatetheme
    Postman Version: 1.6.22
    Postman Sender Domain:
    Postman Transport URI|Force Email|Name: gmail_api:https:oauth2://|No|No
    Postman Transport Status (Configured|Ready|Connected): Yes|Yes|Yes
    Postman Deliveries (Success|Fail): 1|0
    Postman Bind (Success|Fail|Path): Yes|No|/home/content/07/7491807/html/wp-content/plugins/postman-smtp/Postman/PostmanWpMailBinder.php
    Postman TCP Timeout (Connection|Read): 10|60
    Postman Email Log (Enabled|Limit|Transcript Size): Yes|10|128
    Postman Run Mode: production
    Postman PHP LogLevel: 40000
    Postman Stealth Mode: No
    Postman File Locking (Enabled|Temp Dir): Yes | /tmp

    …I didn’t get the error when visiting the site this time, so maybe disabling apc worked and needed a bit of time to take effect? It was the recommended fix in a few other places.

    Thanks for looking into it!

    Thanks Jason, I’m going to be out today but I’ll try it tonight and let you know how it goes.

    I’m also getting this problem, and it’s making it very difficult to do things like update plug-ins and edit pages.

    I installed the development version linked above and that does fix the error, but all Google API e-mails bounce.

    Plugin Author Jason Hendriks


    @mobypos, you’ve hijacked this thread

    all Google API e-mails bounce.

    You’ll need to give me more than that. Why are they bouncing? Bounce receipts always contain an explanation for the cause of the bounce.

    It’s not a traditional bounce receipt – it simply comes from ‘BOUNCE’ – ‘’ and won’t process through Google’s servers to the recipient. The reply-to is

    There is nothing in the headers, and just a cryptic ‘An error occurred. Your message was not sent.’ statement placed above the original message.

    I can forward you the headers if you like.

    1.6.22 with the same configuration does not result in the ‘BOUNCE’ message from gmail’s servers, it’s only 1.6.23d.

    Plugin Author Jason Hendriks


    You’re right. My Gmail API tester has been getting bounces since Jun 21 and I just didn’t notice.

    Turns out there is an empty Reply-To header that Gmail API obviously does not like. Fixed. You can re-download from the trunk and both issues should be gone.

    Thank-you for the bug report!

    FYI Jason, I was going to try your dev version, so I removed apc.enabled=0 from php.ini so I could get the error back. The error hasn’t re-occurred since… so I didn’t use it but I’m keeping it on the back burner in case it pops up again. Thanks!

    Plugin Author Jason Hendriks


    @cecilette from what I read, this problem only occurs under when the server is under “high load”

    Everything seems to be working normally now – thanks for the quick fix!

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