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    Hi there . im a beginner with wordpress and im not sure when this error came to place . it shows on dashboard when i select wordpress blog or incoming links in the screen options.

    here is the error:
    Fatal error: fatal flex scanner internal error–end of buffer missed in /home/lfcsemin/public_html/wp-includes/class-simplepie.php on line 1266

    i went to my cpanel to this file and all there was is the actual php file and on that all there is are the following characters below:


    not sure how to fix this error

    please help

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  • on line 1266 there is : /**
    on line 1267there is : * Allows

    the file ends there

    Sounds like that file (and perhaps others) are not complete for some reason. class-simplepie.php is significantly longer than 1267 lines (over 15,000 actually). Try deleting and re-uploading the wp-admin and wp-includes folders.

    Helen sounds good , it is easy to delete those 2 files but how can i upload those 2 only .
    im way in the beginning stages and i have no idea how to upload the file without deleting wordpress as a whole and reisntalling it .

    If your dashboard is sort of working, you might be able to access and use the blue Re-Install button. If that doesn’t work, do you know how to use FTP with your hosting account? If you download and unzip the WordPress package from, you’ll be able to do just those folders.

    my dashboard is working fine and so is my website i think… i followed the link you sent me . if i push reinstall . is my website going to crash . do i need to reset everything i made and customized ? or would it just reinstall wordpress with the current theme that i have and setting i made ?

    in regards to ftp
    i sort of know how to use ftp. i have filezilla

    by the way thank you for the advice Helen . waiting for your reply 🙂

    It should just re-install the core WordPress files and leave your customizations alone. It’s like running upgrade, only it’s using the current version instead of a newer one. Try that first, and then we can dive in FTP if that doesn’t work.

    it worked ! you are a life savior . you have no idea how many forums posts i saw that had similar errors and people couldnt fix. i was worried . simple solution that fixed the problem. i love it . Thank you again Helen

    No problem! Glad it’s working now 🙂

    Thank you i just saw ur profile . and wow you are wordpress wizard . you are an inspiration

    Hi Helen – I face a similar error

    “Fatal error: fatal flex scanner internal error–end of buffer missed in /home/targetri/public_html/wp-content/themes/radius/functions.php on line 35”

    I did try the resolution by “deleting and re-uploading the wp-admin and wp-includes folders” – however the errors not yet resolved and my site’s down.

    Am a WP newbie to some extent and would much appreciate your advice on getting the site back to up and running…

    Thanks in advance.

    mabe you forgot and opened comment block (forgot the */)

    Thanks a ton for reverting. While someone has has resolved it – I am sure you are guessing in the right direction.

    I had deleted the default file related to posting comments on the blog (the default file that came with the radius theme). Then my guy installed the comments feature related theme from some other theme

    The net result – the above feature def. does not work –

    Pl. share your thoughts – I much appreciate the insights.

    (am a bit of a WP newbie – but love it for its SEO friendliness)

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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