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Fatal Error! Could not access wp-admin (15 posts)

  1. jnikkir
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Just updated to the latest BackUpWordpress and a "fatal error" occurred. I couldn't access my wp-admin page at all (main site worked fine, therewerebooksinvolved.com), so I renamed the plugin folder and I can access my wp-admin again. Would like an actual fix though, because I use the plugin for backup and until now, it worked flawlessly.

    Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'Argument 1 for HMBKP_Scheduled_Backup::set_reoccurrence must be a valid cron reoccurrence or "manually"'

    There's a LOT more to the above, but I wasn't sure how much anyone would need to help me troubleshoot...


  2. Btchek
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Delete from your ftp server "BackUpWordPress" Plugin.
    Work for me

  3. Btchek
    Posted 3 years ago #

  4. Tom Willmot
    Human Made
    Plugin Author

    Posted 3 years ago #

    Thanks for posting this, I'm trying to track down the error now and will have an updated version out as soon as I find the root cause.

  5. geurvanmaillard
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Done that. Returned tot old version. Works.
    Let us know here when we can update tot correct version?

  6. Tom Willmot
    Human Made
    Plugin Author

    Posted 3 years ago #

    I'm still trying track down the issue, can't reproduce myself.

    Could you post a list of the other plugins which you have installed, my best guess at the moment is that there is a conflict.

  7. geurvanmaillard
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Is there a way to print/copy a list of installed plugins?
    Don't like to type all these names ...

  8. Tom Willmot
    Human Made
    Plugin Author

    Posted 3 years ago #

    You should just be able to select the text on the plugin page and paste it here.

  9. geurvanmaillard
    Posted 3 years ago #

    OK, here it is:

    Deactiveren | Instellingen
    Gebruikt door miljoenen, Akismet is waarschijnlijk de beste manier om je site te beschermen tegen spam reacties en trackbacks. Het zorgt ervoor dat je site zelfs beschermd is terwijl je slaapt. Implementeer als volgt: 1) Klik op de "Activeer" link aan de linkerkant van deze beschrijving, 2) Registreer je voor een Akismet API key, en 3) Ga naar je Akismet configuratie pagina, en sla je API key op.
    Versie: 2.5.8 | Door Automattic | Bezoek plugin site
    All in one Facebook Plugins for WordPress selecteren
    All in one Facebook Plugins for WordPress
    Activeren | Verwijderen
    All in one FaceBook Plugins for WordPress including like button, Recommendations, Activity Feed, Like Box, Facepile, Live Stream, Comments, Login with Faces and will be continued with facebook.
    Versie: 1.7 | Door Shaon | Bezoek plugin site
    Ambrosite Next/Previous Post Link Plus selecteren
    Ambrosite Next/Previous Post Link Plus
    Upgrades the next/previous post link template tags to reorder or loop adjacent post navigation links, return multiple links, truncate link titles, and display post thumbnails. IMPORTANT: If you are upgrading from plugin version 1.1, you will need to update your templates (refer to the documentation on configuring parameters).
    Versie: 2.4 | Door J. Michael Ambrosio | Bezoek plugin site
    BackUpWordPress selecteren
    Deactiveren | Back ups
    Simple automated backups of your WordPress powered website. Find me under Tools → Backups.
    Versie: 2.2.4 | Door Human Made Limited | Bezoek plugin site
    Er is een nieuwe versie van BackUpWordPress beschikbaar. Bekijk versie 2.3 details of nu bijwerken.
    Broken Link Checker selecteren
    Broken Link Checker
    Deactiveren | Instellingen
    Checks your blog for broken links and missing images and notifies you on the dashboard if any are found.
    Versie: 1.8 | Door Janis Elsts | Bezoek plugin site
    Comment Reply Notification selecteren
    Comment Reply Notification
    When a reply is made to a comment the user has left on the blog, an e-mail shall be sent to the user to notify him of the reply. This will allow the users to follow up the comment and expand the conversation if desired. 评论回复通知插件, 当评论被回复时会email通知评论的作者.
    Versie: 1.4 | Door denishua | Bezoek plugin site
    Countdown Widget selecteren
    Countdown Widget
    A beautiful jquery countdown widget. Allows Multiple instances, Shortcode usage, and Customizations. Powered by: shailan.com.
    Versie: 2.5.4 | Door Matt Say | Bezoek plugin site
    Easy Automatic Newsletter Lite v2.7.2 selecteren
    Easy Automatic Newsletter Lite v2.7.2
    Collect your blog posts for the past month and send them out at the top of a new month to subscribers. All automatically.
    Versie: 2.7.2 | Door PillarDev
    Facebook selecteren
    Activeren | Verwijderen
    Add Facebook social plugins and the ability to publish new posts to a Facebook Timeline or Facebook Page. Official Facebook plugin.
    Versie: 1.4 | Door Facebook | Bezoek plugin site
    Facebook Page Publish selecteren
    Facebook Page Publish
    Activeren | Verwijderen
    Publishes your posts on the wall of a Facebook profile or page.
    Versie: 0.3.9 | Door Martin Tschirsich | Bezoek plugin site
    Fast Secure Contact Form selecteren
    Fast Secure Contact Form
    Instellingen | Deactiveren
    Fast Secure Contact Form for WordPress. The contact form lets your visitors send you a quick E-mail message. Super customizable with a multi-form feature, optional extra fields, and an option to redirect visitors to any URL after the message is sent. Includes CAPTCHA and Akismet support to block all common spammer tactics. Spam is no longer a problem. Settings | Donate
    Versie: | Door Mike Challis | Bezoek plugin site
    Featured Image In Rss Feed selecteren
    Featured Image In Rss Feed
    Add Feature Image to your RSS Feed.
    Versie: 0.3 | Door Dinesh Karki | Bezoek plugin site
    FlickrSlideShow selecteren
    A filter for WordPress that displays flickr slideshows (based on slideshare plugin by Koen Verhaeghe, http://blog.anabelamor.be)
    Versie: 0.1 | Door Kumara Sastry | Bezoek plugin site
    Follow Me selecteren
    Follow Me
    The Follow Me plugin is designed to allow users the ability to add links to their social media profiles in their blog. To get started activate and visit the Settings Page.
    Versie: 3.1.1 | Door Brian Chappell @ Ignite Social Media | Bezoek plugin site
    Google Analyticator selecteren
    Google Analyticator
    Settings | Reset | Deactiveren
    Adds the necessary JavaScript code to enable Google's Analytics. After enabling this plugin you need to authenticate with Google, then select your domain and you're set.
    Versie: | Door Video User Manuals | Bezoek plugin site
    Google Analytics for WordPress selecteren
    Google Analytics for WordPress
    Activeren | Verwijderen
    This plugin makes it simple to add Google Analytics to your WordPress blog, adding lots of features, eg. custom variables and automatic clickout and download tracking.
    Versie: 4.3.3 | Door Joost de Valk | Bezoek plugin site
    gtrans selecteren
    Makes your website multilingual and available to the world using Google Translate. Please use GTranslate Forum for your support requests.
    Versie: 1.0.27 | Door GTranslate
    GTranslate selecteren
    Get translations with a single click between 58 languages (more than 98% of internet users) on your website! For support visit GTranslate Forum.
    Versie: 1.0.36 | Door Edvard Ananyan | Bezoek plugin site
    Jetpack door WordPress.com selecteren
    Jetpack door WordPress.com
    Instellingen | Deactiveren
    Breng de kracht van de WordPress.com cloud naar je zelfgehoste WordPress. Jetpack maakt het mogelijk je blog te verbinden met een WordPress.com account om de krachtige mogelijkheden te gebruiken die normaal enkel beschikbaar zijn voor WordPress.com gebruikers.
    Versie: 2.3 | Door Automattic | Bezoek plugin site
    Lightbox Plus ColorBox selecteren
    Lightbox Plus ColorBox
    Lightbox Plus ColorBox implements ColorBox as a lightbox image overlay tool for WordPress. ColorBox was created by Jack Moore of Color Powered and is licensed under the MIT License.
    Versie: 2.6 | Door Dan Zappone | Bezoek plugin site | Settings | FAQ | Request Support | Support Forum | Donate | Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn | Google+
    Limit Login Attempts selecteren
    Limit Login Attempts
    Activeren | Verwijderen
    Beperkt het aantal inlogpogingen, inclusief bij het gebruik van cookies, voor elk IP adres.
    Versie: 1.7.1 | Door Johan Eenfeldt | Bezoek plugin site
    Most Commented Widget selecteren
    Most Commented Widget
    Widget to display posts/pages with the most comments.
    Versie: 2.2 | Door Nick Momrik | Bezoek plugin site
    MP3-jPlayer selecteren
    Instellingen | Deactiveren
    Add mp3 players to posts, pages, and sidebars. HTML5 with Flash fall back. Shortcodes, widgets, and template tags. See the help on the Settings Page for a full list of options.
    Versie: 1.8.4 | Door Simon Ward | Bezoek plugin site
    Multiple Galleries selecteren
    Multiple Galleries
    Add multiple galleries per post using simple checkboxes for selecting images you want to include.
    Versie: 0.4.1 | Door Kaspars Dambis | Bezoek plugin site
    My-Plugins selecteren
    Activeren | Verwijderen
    Displays all the plugins - just insert [my plugins] in post where you want to display a table of plugins that you use. Example here.
    Versie: 0.2 | Door Matej Nastran | Bezoek plugin site
    nrelate Related Content selecteren
    nrelate Related Content
    Settings | Dashboard | Deactiveren
    Easily display related content on your website. Click on nrelate → Related Content to configure your settings.
    Versie: 0.52.1 | Door nrelate and SlipFire | Bezoek plugin site | Settings | Dashboard | Support Forum
    Official StatCounter Plugin selecteren
    Official StatCounter Plugin
    Adds the StatCounter tracking code to your blog. To get setup: 1) Activate this plugin 2) Enter your StatCounter Project ID and Security Code in the options page.
    Versie: 1.6.3 | Door Aodhan Cullen | Bezoek plugin site
    Paulund Disable Pingbacks selecteren
    Paulund Disable Pingbacks
    Disable self pingbacks on your WordPress blog
    Versie: 1.0 | Door Paul Underwood | Bezoek plugin site
    Print Friendly and PDF selecteren
    Print Friendly and PDF
    Settings | Deactiveren
    PrintFriendly & PDF button for your website. Optimizes your pages and brand for print, pdf, and email.
    Versie: 3.2.7 | Door Print Friendly | Bezoek plugin site
    PRO Player selecteren
    PRO Player
    Display videos from various online sources in a Custom FLV Player. For details please visit project page for more information.
    Versie: | Door Isa Goksu | Bezoek plugin site
    Scroll To Top selecteren
    Scroll To Top
    Creates a floating box centered in the footer of your site that only appears when you scroll the page down, and when clicked gently roll the site to the top.
    Versie: 2.0 | Door Rafael Cirolini | Bezoek plugin site
    SEO Facebook Comments selecteren
    SEO Facebook Comments
    This plugin will insert a Facebook Comment Form, Open Graph Tags and ALSO insert all Facebook Comments into your WordPress Database for better SEO.
    Versie: | Door Fabio Zaffani | Bezoek plugin site
    Smart Archives Reloaded selecteren
    Smart Archives Reloaded
    Deactiveren | Instellingen
    An elegant and easy way to present your posts, grouped by year and month.
    Versie: 2.0.5 | Door scribu | Bezoek plugin site
    Smart Youtube PRO selecteren
    Smart Youtube PRO
    Insert YouTube videos in posts, comments and RSS feeds with ease and full customization.
    Versie: 4.2.0 | Door Vladimir Prelovac | Bezoek plugin site
    TablePress selecteren
    Deactiveren | Plugin page
    TablePress enables you to create and manage tables in your posts and pages, without having to write HTML code, and it adds valuable functions for your visitors.
    Versie: 1.0 | Door Tobias Bäthge | Bezoek plugin site | FAQ | Documentation | Support | Donate
    TablePress Extension: DataTables TableTools selecteren
    TablePress Extension: DataTables TableTools
    Custom Extension for TablePress to add the DataTables TableTools functionality
    Versie: 1.1 | Door Tobias Bäthge | Bezoek plugin site
    Top 10 selecteren
    Top 10
    Instellingen | Deactiveren
    Count daily and total visits per post and display the most popular posts based on the number of views. Based on the plugin by Mark Ghosh
    Versie: 1.9.7 | Door Ajay D'Souza | Bezoek plugin site | Ondersteuning | Doneer
    Tweet Blender selecteren
    Tweet Blender
    Provides several Twitter widgets: show your own tweets, show tweets relevant to post's tags, show tweets for Twitter lists, show tweets for hashtags, show tweets for keyword searches, show favorite tweets. Multiple widgets on the same page are supported. Can combine sources and blend all of them into a single stream.
    Versie: 3.3.15 | Door Kirill Novitchenko | Bezoek plugin site
    Twitter Feed: Embedded Timeline WordPress Plugin selecteren
    Twitter Feed: Embedded Timeline WordPress Plugin
    Settings | Deactiveren
    A simple Twitter feed that outputs your latest tweets in HTML into any post, page, template or sidebar widget. Customisable and easy to install!
    Versie: 2.0.1 | Door Alex Moss | Bezoek plugin site
    Ultimate tag cloud widget selecteren
    Ultimate tag cloud widget
    This plugin aims to be the most configurable tag cloud widget out there.
    Versie: 2.3 | Door Rickard Andersson | Bezoek plugin site
    Ultimate TinyMCE selecteren
    Ultimate TinyMCE
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    Beef up your visual tinymce editor with a plethora of advanced options.
    Versie: 4.7 | Door Josh Lobe | Bezoek plugin site | Donate | Premium Addons | | | Ultimate Tinymce PRO
    WooDojo selecteren
    WooDojo is a powerful collection of WooThemes features to enhance your website.
    Versie: 1.5.2 | Door WooThemes | Bezoek plugin site
    WooSidebars selecteren
    Replace widget areas in your theme for specific pages, archives and other sections of WordPress.
    Versie: 1.2.2 | Door WooThemes | Bezoek plugin site
    WooTransmitter selecteren
    A WooThemes notification centre, in your WordPress Toolbar.
    Versie: 1.0.1 | Door WooThemes | Bezoek plugin site
    WordPress Editorial Calendar selecteren
    WordPress Editorial Calendar
    The Editorial Calendar makes it possible to see all your posts and drag and drop them to manage your blog.
    Versie: 2.7 | Door Colin Vernon, Justin Evans, Joachim Kudish, Mary Vogt, and Zack Grossbart | Bezoek plugin site
    WordPress Importer selecteren
    WordPress Importer
    Import posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, tags and more from a WordPress export file.
    Versie: 0.6.1 | Door wordpressdotorg | Bezoek plugin site
    WordPress SEO selecteren
    WordPress SEO
    Instellingen | Deactiveren
    The first true all-in-one SEO solution for WordPress, including on-page content analysis, XML sitemaps and much more.
    Versie: 1.4.12 | Door Joost de Valk | Bezoek plugin site
    Wordpress Statistics selecteren
    Wordpress Statistics
    Summary statistics of blog.
    Versie: 3.1.3 | Door Mostafa Soufi | Bezoek plugin site
    WP-Copyright-Protection selecteren
    A simple way to add copyright protection to your website. Disables text copy, image copy and breaks out of iframe.
    Versie: 1.4 | Door Dave Ligthart | Bezoek plugin site
    WP-PageNavi selecteren
    Deactiveren | Settings
    Adds a more advanced paging navigation to your WordPress blog
    Versie: 2.83 | Door Lester 'GaMerZ' Chan & scribu | Bezoek plugin site
    WP-PostViews selecteren
    Enables you to display how many times a post/page had been viewed. Modified by David Potter to include options for when and where to display view counts.
    Versie: 1.65 | Door Lester 'GaMerZ' Chan | Bezoek plugin site
    ZipList Recipe Plugin selecteren
    ZipList Recipe Plugin
  10. jnikkir
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Sorry for taking so long to reply myself - these are all my active plugins:

    All in one Favicon
    All In One SEO Pack
    Better WP Security
    Column Shortcodes
    Duplicate Post
    Easy Table
    Executable PHP widget
    Google Analyticator
    Google XML Sitemaps
    Jetpack by WordPress.com
    Options Framework
    Regenerate Thumbnails
    Send email only on Reply to My Comment
    Simple Feed Stats
    Social Login
    Ultimate Book Blogger
    WordPress Editorial Calendar
    WordPress Hit Counter
    WordPress Related Posts
    WorPress Goodreads Bookshelf
    WP Hide Dashboard

  11. Paul de Wouters
    Plugin Author

    Posted 3 years ago #

  12. Paul de Wouters
    Plugin Author

    Posted 3 years ago #

    Also, if you're comfortable with th mySQL database, could you send us the content of the BackUpWordPress option?
    It should be listed as hmbkp_schedule_daily or somthing similar

  13. khalwat
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I'm having the same issue -- since updating to the latest version, the admin CP is inaccessible due to the error mentioned above.

    I'm available to give you any data that you need to diagnose the issue.

  14. jnikkir
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I'm not familiar with mySQL database, sorry... But I installed WP Crontrol and here is what it tells me:

    hourly 3600 (1 hour) Once Hourly
    twicedaily 43200 (12 hours) Twice Daily
    daily 86400 (1 day) Once Daily
    clfortnightly 1209600 (2 weeks) Twice Monthly

    It also gives me the option to delete the twicedaily schedule.

    Oddly enough, though, I was just able to delete the old version that had caused the error, and I tried reinstalling (knowing I could fix it via FTP if it did the same thing again)... and it works now. Backs up just fine and everything, no issues. I'm hoping it stays working properly! Feels good to have my site properly backed up again.

  15. Paul de Wouters
    Plugin Author

    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi jnikkir

    thanks for reporting back and glad you could get the plugin to work!

    Just to clarify, what steps did you take to solve your issue?
    Did you delete the plugin from the WordPress backend and reinstall it?

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